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Third of all, school violence affects everyone’s in the school included teachers and staffs. They also have to face with the issue of being attacked and threatened on a school ground. There are only a small number of reports and studies in this aspect but it is also an important view associated well with school violence. School violence happens depends on teachers and the reduction of learning. There is seven percent of teachers reported being threatened and injured at schools during the 2007- 2008 school year (Robers et al. 10). Additionally, a report shows the number has increased when nine percent of them said being threatened and attacked the during 2011- 2012 school year (Williams & Ernst 129). There is only a small amount has increased, but it might have a huge impact on both teachers and students’ lives in a long-term run. Furthermore, a number of teachers reported being threatened and injured goes well with the school climate. In fact, the less focused schools are in learning, the less satisfied students feel with teachers and teachers are less clear on their teaching are parts of school climate that has an impact on school violence. Test scores play a big role in the success of schools in today’s culture. People live in today’s society where numbers are important. There are 21% of teachers admitted that they feel students’ misbehavior correlated with how teacher’s teaching (Fontaine et al. 31). It is valid because students in today’s society are more opened than before. If they are not satisfied with teachers or the quality of lecture, they can speak up or even worse that act aggressively towards teachers. Their misbehaviors are related to their race and color as well while Nicholas Papageorge states that “spending just one year with a teacher of the same race can move the dial on one of the most frustratingly persistent gaps in educational attainment” (qtd. in Gershenson et al.). In fact, the U.S include many of different races and colors. Racist happens not only in the society but also in school. The way teachers treat students unequally also causes school violence. On the other hand, there are some teachers are not really compassionate about their teaching. It also leads to violence when students do not have fulfilled in knowledge and they get bad scores on the tests. The educational outcomes clearly affect violence in schools in the United States. Furthermore, a percentage of teachers have been threatened in private schools is less than those are teaching in public schools (Robers et al. 22). It is reasonable with the fact is that private schools plainly have a better curriculum more than those public schools. It clearly shows how teachers perform associated with violence on a school campus. According to Lunenburg, students are less likely to act violently in schools when their teachers support and encourage about student’s learning (3). Students misbehavior and perceived school violence are correlated with teachers who are disengaged at schools. Teachers who know a very little about students they teach and manage the classroom badly poorly can leads in the way that cause students disturbance, misbehaving students, reduce the quality of learning, and school violence. Additionally, teachers who are supportive have a negative connection with the exposure to violence at school (Galand et al. 473). Sufficient relationship between teacher and student can clearly reduce the risk of violence occurs in schools. An effective teacher is clearly the one who know students they teach and have a good connection with them. Teachers play a big role in how students obtain an education. They are the one who interacts with students the most in the school ground. They teach students not only academic lessons but also life lessons in the society. A strong and well-built connection with teachers is the most important part of making student involved in learning path. Teachers who act aggressively towards students or perform in an inappropriate way definitely can lead to bad consequences at schools. Studies state that teachers believe that punishment is a normal and acceptable act in education (Pi?kin et al. 72). However, physical and emotional punishment can relate to violence in school in some ways. Students can be less attracted to their school or do not want to go to school. It also creates a difficult atmosphere in a classroom when the relationship between students and teachers is negative. At worst, it can lead them to misbehave or act violently in school. Similarly, Noguera states that he has found generally teachers who lack familiarity with their students are more likely to misunderstand and fear them (202). The author is correct because, with the misunderstanding between students and teachers, students totally can use teacher’s fear to be their advantages to create violence. Misunderstanding or miscommunication between students and teacher clearly have a severe impact on school violence.


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