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They just all stare as you are being hurt and you feel as you are drifting farther and farther away from the rest of the world. The world we live in, you will hear many things. Happy, sad, exciting, depressing, glorious. These are all words you will hear about this world. But why the bad ones? Why be sad and depressed? Most of the time, It’s bullying that causes this pain that takes away the love for ourselves and the depression that fills the gaps. We suffer, if one suffers, I believe the world suffers. The world is not complete until everyone is happy. We should not turn on each other and leave our family in the dust. Our community is like family. We stand together, not apart. So why do bullies think that it’s okay to hurt someone causing them to make horrible decisions. You start to hate yourself, wonder why everything that happened to you happened, you begin to wonder why you are still alive. Then when you don’t have an answer, you make a decision. Bullies do not realize that they could take a life.Our generation could stop this, or make it worse than ever. Think about it, we could end this pain, this suffering, for everyone that needs it. We could lift them up, not drag them down. Bullying. I think we should banish it. Around the world, there are people starving because of World Hunger, kids weakening because of child labor. But what about if there was no one at all? If we all are bullied so harshly, wouldn’t we want it all to end? So then there leaves only the bully to stand alone. If you hurt, criticize, torment, dominate, persecute, oppress, tyrannize, and any other horrible name you can think of. You think about conquering the battle. But what’s next? Do you think about the hatred that grows within your victims? Do you think about the consequences your words or punches could cause? If I asked you, I think if you were honest, you’d answer no. What causes this problem in the first place? Glory. If you make someone else feel like they’ve lost everything they had, then you start to feel superior. This is part of what is causing the problem. This whole thing is caused by your self esteem. As yours grows, someone else’s plummets. Making someone feel bad about themselves should not make you feel better. It should not make you happy, superior, joyful, or glad. But it does. Because you do not think about how the other person feels, you think about gaining “respect” from your classmates. You do not think about what your victim feels about themselves, you only think of yourself. To be so selfish is a horrible thing.


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