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These 12 films show hallucinating intimate scenes far better than any other blue movies you’ve ever seen.Admin December 25, 2017 No CommentsDid they do it or not? That’s the question you always ask yourself after seeing the intimate scenes in the movies. Well, in this list of movies, the actors went ahead and really did it on screen. You will not want your parents to watch these movies.1st dog tooth (2009).aboutAlthough you do not initially feel that this film can have intimate scenes, the main theme is the blind love of a father to his daughters, which forces him to lock up his three underage children. But stay with it and you will have the surprise.2. 9 songs (2004).aboutA musical journey of two eager souls, with a passion for live music. These kinds of movies are for the hardcore romantics and what makes this movie even better are the intimate and oral scenes **.3. The Center of the World (2001).aboutThe topic can be very similar to Pretty Woman. The main notes include a special arrangement for three days of wild feast and S **. But gradually they are the prey of human feelings.4. Love (2015).aboutThis is the only sober image I have found where the three protagonists are dressed. If you have a special ability for trios, this movie is perfect for watching. He has steaming intimate scenes and waits for action when one of the girls gets pregnant.5. Lie with me (2005).aboutOnce you start watching the movie, you’ll find that it’s essentially a porn with a long history. Two young people burning with the sexual energy of animals are making a fortuitous adventure, but we see Leila fighting with her fear of emotional intimacy.6. The brown rabbit (2003).aboutSome scenes from the film became so controversial at the time that they ruined the acting career of aspiring actress Chloe Sevigny. Look at the uncensored scene of Chloe playing a blowjob that creates the sound.7. The dreamers (2003).aboutSome films only leave a disturbing effect on our minds, especially when they show family relationships in an intimate dimension.8. Nymphomaniac (2013).aboutIt is a European art film with a duration of 5 hours. But believe me, unlike other art films, this movie, based on sex addiction and excellent acting, is a gift to the eyes.9. Anatomy of Hell (2004).aboutThis film is about the isolation and loneliness that forces a woman to pay a gay for her own pleasure. The intimate scenes are really exciting to see.10. In the field of the senses (1976).aboutTempting, right? The title itself suggests how pleasant and intimate the scenes would be. But wait until the end when the Japanese actress cuts her penis and testicles to her partner and takes her with her kimono.11. Love makes it … .Suck! (2011).aboutDoes that remind you of a romantic movie? Yes, the title is a funny wordplay from the movie Love Actually. This Hong Kong movie is also based on complicated relationships, except that there are denser and more intimate scenes.12. Through the mirror (1976).aboutNo, this movie has nothing to do with ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Some films really have a strange concept. The female protagonist is attracted to her mirror, which awakens her sexual desires.


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