There measurement can prove that a human is

There is no discipline like Physics, it enables us to
understand the world around us and open up new pathways to revolutionary
advances. The prospect of learning about this further entices me because it
shows the importance of Physics in the modern world and how this knowledge
develops then expands over time. Developing this knowledge of how everything
works pushed me in my GCSE studies of Physics.

Although I have been unable to study Physics at A-Level it
still fascinates me- pushing me to further read around the subject in my free
time. Reading books, such as Cosmology from Cambridge and Decoding Reality from
Vlatko Verdral, has allowed me to develop my knowledge from GCSE standard to A-Level.
Within ‘Decoding Reality’, it explains quantum theory and the basic principles
and questions around quantum theory like how interdeterminism works and how a
measurement can prove that a human is in one place at one time. This gripped me
while constantly broadening my satisfaction for physics. Cosmology from Cambridge,
on the other hand, has given me deep insight into Wiens Displacement law of
stars that shows how to calculate a star’s exact heat from a specific
wavelength and how this helped to develop the Copernican model of the solar
system. Apart from developing my knowledge of contrasting topics, it has also
allowed me to develop problem-solving skills; alongside increasing my knowledge
of basic concepts like Newton’s Laws of Motion, and how (at the time) they were
innovative and crucial into developing our knowledge of the universe.

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My current study of A-level business studies has permitted
me to sustain my mathematical ability from GCSE with topics like ratio analysis
and investment appraisal, and to help me in my self-study of Core Maths. The
study of literature has allowed me to increase my analytical abilities and
develop logical thinking in reaction to the social time frame of the set text;
for example, how ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ foreshadowed the end of the
century and social upheaval. I have also completed a future learn course on
thermodynamics with the aid of my self-study in Core Maths to help understand
thermodynamic laws. This has allowed me to significantly progress my knowledge
past A-Level standard in topics such as heat capacity (calculating heat
capacity for adiabatic and diathermal systems using the 1st law of
thermodynamics), and has also helped me to develop my own work ethic and
mathematical abilities (specifically in integration, differentiation and set

My inquisitiveness has led me to follow physics websites and
blogs- -has shown me the real life application of physics to the
modern world and how breakthroughs in science are constructed. The recent
discovery of how a stable plasma ring was created by engineers in open air was
one of these breakthroughs that proves the limitless possibilities of Physics
and its significance to society.

Aside from further reading and studying I have also
volunteered part-time in a cleaning and caring company. This experience has allowed
me to show a positive work ethic while building confidence, and verbal skills.
All these aspects have helped me to become a more independent and confident
individual towards my studies. I have also volunteered for an estate agency;
helping me to understand the working environment while developing my thinking
and time management.

Personally, I enjoy watching Physics related programmes and
shows whenever possible- it allows me to expand my depth in Physics while in an
enjoyable format. Game Theory on YouTube has allowed me to learn the basics of
centrifugal forces and relativity in video games, in which has led me to
consider Physics in everyday life.

I look forward to being able to study Physics at university
and continue my education with others who have the same passion for Physics as
I possess. I hope to achieve a career in research to help increase our answers
to the questions raised about nature and reality. 


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