There learning the fundamentals but also the right

There is no fortress of impossibility that knowledge and its
application cannot breach. Learning brings awareness and arms oneself with an
aptitude to challenge existing problems, conquer current limitations and set
the ball of progress and productivity rolling. My
aspiration to pursue Masters in Mechanical Engineering is an extension of this
belief. Designing totally gives a new dimension to its creation.
Mechanical Engineers are creators who brings imagination into existence.


(From the time I spend at NUV I learned)Having studied at Navrachana University Vadodara, I have got the opportunity to refine myself
to varied mechanical, managerial and other interdisciplinary skills. (I have
gained valuable knowledge through three projects during my under graduate
studies). In one of three projects, “Versatile Weight Carrier”, I was successful in designing
and manufacturing weight carrier which helps labourers in lifting and carrying weight in multiple
ways by reducing maximum physical
harm. In this project, I had opportunity to work on software like
AutoCad, Soildedge and Ansys for design and stress analysis. The other project,
“Energy Audit and Management” was research oriented. The main aim of this
project was to recommend the saving schemes through thorough analysis of
organisaitions which will help in reducing the energy consumption, increase
efficiency and save money. Under this project, I conducted audit of two
different type of organizations, one commercial and other manufacturing
Industry. These two projects helped me not only in learning the fundamentals
but also the right attitude and skills required to solve the real life problem
with systematic approach.

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have always been an ardent believer in experiential learning .In compliance
with my belief, I seized any possible opportunity which came along my way. I
have worked as an intern in varied industrial sectors in Mechanical Engineering
field covering industries
like Oil and Gas production,
automobile, Manufacturing and Designing. The expertise which I developed being
working there has helped me developed different perspective for engineering. In
one of the internship at Jyoti Ltd., I had opportunity to learn and have hands
on experience on how to select and design Pumps and Turbines based on
application, requirement and head. During this I got familiarity with software
like MATLAB and PTC Creo.

from being an Engineer, I was also Cultural Coordinator in my university. Under
the leadership of me many technical and non-technical events like Nuvea,
Navkhelayia and Inuvate were organised. Even I am active member of MYF which
works in our city and all over the India for betterment for the under
privileged people. Under it, we help children and millennial in career
counselling and future opportunities for them. These workshops a very unique in
itself help them come out of their comfort zone and have better look at the

Drama is my forte. In my four years at
university I represented my university on many national competitions and
platforms like Vibrant Gujarat. I was also part of my university’s football
team and played for it on many frontiers. It
has helped in developing the creative thinking in problem solving

past few months I am working on my technical skills. I have started training in
the software like Python and Solidworks. This has helped me widen my horizon
for the engineering and its practical application. In mean time, I have also started working as an
academic associate in my university from 1st of January 2018.

believe that the opportunity with acumen for learning. During my studies I
developed a keen interest for product development. I have been following the
works of Michael A Brown and Michael J Scott. It will be a great opportunity to
be learning from the ones who are pioneers in this field. With great research
facilities and alumni, I believe my post graduation years will make me capable
of construing the toughest problem and come up with simplest solution through
the basic knowledge whose application is greatest and delineate the problem in
easiest way. This is my American Dream- to be a part of world’s best education
system and in the process of learning giving something in return to world to
make it a better place for all.

I feel that the practical learning has provided me
pre-eminence over my counterparts.


 Power verbs

and grammarly

two project and say something concrete about learning from them which help in
saving words

Internship’s Paragraph

Answer why me question.
Mention something to connect post-graduation to your learning.

Cut short internship para

Why design and why you


Roles of Mechanical Design engineer.

CAD, CAE, product development,



Machine design, CAD, Manufacturing technology, Solar thermal
systems, Mechatronics System Design.


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