There for food, water, and many other things.

There are many scientist, technicians, mathematicians, and more. One scientist I know is, Albert Einstein. He was born on March 14,1879 and died on April 18,1955. He was a theoretical physicist, and he developed the theory of relativity which was his major contribution to the world. That’s why you hear his name in science class sometimes. He also benefited the world in other ways as well. He created the refrigerator which is used all around the world everyday for food, water, and many other things. A few interesting facts about Albert is that his favorite scientist of the world is, Galileo Galilei. He was born into his family as a middle-class Jew. When he invented the refrigerator he wanted it to work off of compressed gases instead of electricity. Albert has won eight awards for his theories as well. He died as a legend to many.     Another person that I want to talk about is, Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson. She was born on August 26,1918. She is a world known mathematician. She was one of the first of the three black women to work at NASA. She is known for her outstanding way of doing math without any calculators or computers at all. She helped the world by her contributions to the United States aeronautics and space programs and NASA. Her benefit to the world was you can do anything without the use of computers,  calculators, and other materialistic things. Some interesting facts about Katherine is that she was a freshman in high school at the age of 10 years old and graduated from college at the age of 18. She also calculated the path for the spacecraft that put the first astronaut into space. Katherine has also won many awards for her outstanding work as well. She has made herself a legend and also a legacy.            The last person I want to talk about which is my personal favorite, Sylvia Alice Earle. She was born on August 30,1935. She is a marine biologist. She is known for her national marine explorations around the world. She has made over 100 explorations of the world’s vast oceans. Sylvia wanted the world to know about the vital ecosystems of the world and what is going on in these ecosystems. She does these explorations to let people know that these places are in danger and is being overfished and polluted. She has also wrote fifteen books to tell the world about these places of water and how we can save them. Two facts about Sylvia is that her and her ex-husband designed and built a submersible craft that could dive to unprecedented depths of up to 3,000 feet. She also received her Ph.D. from Duke University. She has won four awards as well for her exceptional work around the world and hopefully many more.


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