Their They had once trained in the navy

     Their ship was already sinking and it was sinking fast. The bomb started a chain of explosions which tore the ship in two. He had only two choices now, escape or rescue. Suddenly he heard a scream on the other end of the hall of the ship which had water upto his ankles. Robert followed the noise and it lead him to a room. The water had already went up to his waist. He didn’t see anyone in the room but he saw bubbles coming out of the water in the corner. There was  a person stuck under a fallen pillar with water filling up over their head. He struggled to get him out, but when he finally did, the person wasn’t breathing. That person was Tom. They had once trained in the navy together. He couldn’t let him die. He checked his pulse. His chest was as silent. He pound dawn on his chest multiple times, attempting CPR. Tom finally rose up coughing water out of his mouth. “You made it you sun of a gun” Robert said “You made it”. They were happy to see each other, but this didn’t mean they’d get out of this alive.        All of the lifeboats were gone. They’re only hope were thier  life jackets. So they wore them and jumped out before sinking with the ship. They tied themselves together so they don’t float away from  each other.There was no sign of help in all directions. But a storm was coming there way. The wind became colder, the waves of the harsh ocean threw them around like didn’t they weren’t even there. But waves wasn’t the only thing the storm brought. About two-hundred meters away they saw a life raft and swam towards it. It was a glimpse of hope no matter how small it was . As it got closer they heard screams. It had three people on it. Once they were near enough, they got help from the people in the life raft. They struggled, but finally they got on it.    Robert knew two of the people that were on the raft. One of them was actually a commander named Hank. He had just been promoted. Hank had a girlfriend waiting for him at home. His determination and confidence were what got him to this position. It was also what got him to the raft. His cousin, Elliott wanted to be a commander like Hank but lacked the skill. Instead he worked as a cook in the ship. But he was still glad he could serve his country in any way he could. Elliott was injured. Before he entered the raft, a sharp piece of metal had cut open his skin, just below his left knee. Because he bled for hours, he was nearly unconscious. The Third person, David was a one of the marines who had just graduated and was on his last stage of training. Tom was assigned to be his mentor.     As the hours went by, the storm went away and the sun took its place. The sun was harsh. Especially on Elliott. David noticed that Elliott’s wound was starting to get infected. The wound had a yellowish- greenish wound drainage which was one of the first signs of infection. They were trained what to do in these kind of situations. They didn’t have disinfectants so Hank and David  decided to to use saltwater to clean the wound. Robert had fallen asleep. Tom was also unaware of what was happening as he was searching the raft for equipment, even though they’ve already searched it many times. Hank quickly tore his shirt sleeve and gave it to David desperate to save his cousin. He was holding Elliot in his arms. David rinsed the cloth in the water and started cleaning Elliott’s open cut. As soon as the water touched his knee, Elliott screamed, as his pain was great. This woke up Robert and he saw David putting the bloody cloth back in to the water. Robert quickly jumped from his seat and tried to stop him but it was too late. The blood had already spread. Robert knew they made a mistake, a mistake that could possibly cost them their lives. “What happened” said Tom”I don’t know, why didn’t you wake me up Private?” said Robert” was just trying to lean his wounds””Don’t you realize what you’ve done?  Sharks can smell blood a mile away, now they’re gonna come and pick us up one by one.” It didn’t take long for the them to smell the blood. The sharks started to come and circle the raft. Two days passed. No water no food. The sun burning them by the day and the cold freezing them by the night. The hope they had was draining out their body. Hank wasn’t thinking straight. His cousin was bleeding out in his arms. And because they were floating for a long time, his thirst led him to drink salt water which got to head. “I was supposed to take are of him, he was my responsibility.” he kept saying over and over again.  As time passed they all grew tired and thirsty and the salt water was more and more tempting. David couldn’t resist it. He put his hands in the water and started drinking it. “Stop!” said Robert “it will dehydrate you more and make you go crazy” “I don’t care” said David. Elliott’s wound was starting to swell up and had a high fever. If he went on like this, he didn’t have much time. Everybody except Robert and Tom on the raft was acting insane or was in tremendous pain. David started blabbering about pancakes and apple pi while Hank just sat there in silence with Elliott’s unconscious body in his arms.  “Land” David yelled as he stood up “land, I see land” Robert got up to look but there was no land in sight “Can’t you see it?” it’s right over there””It’s the saltwater playing with you head””It’s right over there, I could almost touch it.””Sit down David, there is no land. We’re in the middle of the pacific ocean. Even if there was land, we couldn’t swim to it. We’ll get eaten by the sharks.””It’s right there. I’ll show you.” and he jumped off the raft before anybody could stop him.Robert was about to jump in after him, but Tom held him back. David didn’t swim far before the sharks caught up to him. His death was fast but exceedingly painful leaving a gush of blood in the water. This made the sharks more excited. Soon after that Elliot passed but Hank refused to believe it. “I’ll get you home safely, I promise. You just hold on, okay?” Hank kept saying.   “Hang in there, I’ll be right back. I’ll just go get my car keys and we’ll go to the hospital, okay.”and just like that he jumped in the water” Suddenly they heard a bang just below the raft. It was the sharks fighting over Hank’s body. Robert and Tom were left with Elliott’s dead body and their stomach growling out of hunger. They thought about ingesting Elliott’s corps. I was their only choice if they wanted to stay alive. They put the body in front of them. But how would they start? Robert always says a prayer before he ate. But he couldn’t now, they couldn’t. But they said their prayers and put the body in the water. Now they were  truly alone.. They fought against the waves they fought against the wind, day in, day out. But the storm that was coming was nothing like they ever experienced. It was quick but hard and cold. The waves stood up like a mountain and they were as insects compared to it. It knocked Robert right out of the raft which took three people to get in in the first place. There was no hope, he knew there was no hope but he fought, he fought as hard as any man would to keep himself breathing, to go back to wife and newborn child whom he’d never seen. Tom quickly held his hand.”Don’t let go, fight Robert, fight” said Tom, desperate to save his friend life. But Robert wasn’t done yet. He had to see his child’s face before he died, he had to see his wife smile one more time. Thinking about his family gave him a boost in adrenaline. His hope in seeing his family again got him back in to the life raft. It didn’t take long for the storm to clear. They were wet and cold and if they continued this way, they’d die of hypothermia. Robert decided to take a rest. Just rest his eyes a little.and just as he did he felt a sudden light on his face. “They found us Robert, they found us.” Tom said with a sigh. Now all Robert could hear was his family’s voice.


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