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The three major learning points I have picked up from the
Flexsim talk are

There are a few product types, flexsim enterprise for
general purposes like manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, transportation
and human flow whereas flexsim healthcare focuses on patient flow in the
hospitals and clinics. This shows that flexsim produces different product types
to suit the different purposes.

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Flexsim simulation software is fully capable of modelling
large and complex material handling, manufacturing and automation systems. The
latest module is easily used and at a high level of detail and realism in
modelling conveyors and AGV. Flexsim is committed to continue to prove it and
regular update based on customers feedback. Flexsim have leveraged the latest
technology for faster and more powerful simulation with accurate results. This
tells me that Flexsim aims to improve based on customers’ needs and wants, also
improving the technology to be better and stronger.  

Flexsim introduced People Module this year, a design for
modelling non-producing system that are based around people instead of items.
This is best used if the system has a human interaction emphasis like a
restaurant or an airport. It is also useful for models that might not have
people in them like a service fleet involving vehicles that require several
steps in their maintenance routine. The People Module comes in a combination of
new 3D objects and process flow activity that work together to model these
situations. The 3D objects represent the locations, staff, transports and
equipment that people will interact with as they go throughout the model. The
process flow activities provide the logic to create, move, escort and transport
these people to where they need to go, which staff they will be with and what
equipment they will use. A basic model would consist at least a few locations
and staff members for people to interact with. The normal flexsim is not able
to model human flow effectively until People Module is released. 


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