The was forbidden in 1835. At this point

The crime of inflicting physical pain,
suffering or death on an animal, usually a tame one, beyond necessity for
normal discipline. It can include neglect that is so monstrous such as
starvation, suffering, death or being put in a dangerous situation that could
cause death. Some people that are involved in this act are Animal abusers and
Animal activists. Animal activists are people that are against animals being neglected.
For example cows being kept in barns or being slaughtered they are against that
kind of thing but that is our way of life we need to slaughter some animals in
order for us to live. Animal rights of Toronto focuses on animal rights issues
and go to or hold events in Toronto and surrounding areas. Canadians for
Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals group purpose is to promote the humane
treatment of animals raised on farms for food. They want to be able to work
towards the care and treatment of animals raised for food to be more humane.
PETA Provides the public with education on investigations, legislation and
protest campaigns to save animals on factory farms, in labs, as well as in the
clothing trade. As well Animal Abusers are part of the crime because they
inflict physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, usually a tame one,
beyond necessity for normal discipline. They can often be people that are involved
with other crimes including violence against people and hoarding behavior. “Surveys
say that men under thirty intentionally abuse animals. Women over 60 are more
likely to be hoarders, 70.1% acts involved dogs, 20.9% acts involved cats, 24.1%
acts involved other animals, dogfighting, and cockfighting are forms of organized
animal cruelty that occurs mostly in the U.S.” (Humane Society of The United
States, 2016)

history of animal abuse goes back to ancient times, supposedly fighting dogs
has supposedly been active since the 12th century. It happened after the war when
the Romans invaded Britain. The British lost the war, but they were delighted
in the determination and endurance of their dogs. They began exporting them for
use in fights against larger animals like wild boar and bulls. For centuries
these fights happened across Europe until the baiting of larger animals was
forbidden in 1835. At this point fighting dogs with other dogs was the cheapest
way. Cock fighting was founded in American history. June 2007 cockfighting was
made illegal in Louisiana and was one of the last 50 states to be banned. Cockfighting
still occurs with an increased frequency across the US, mostly in areas with
immigrant populations. Some of their home countries still use cockfighting even
though it still might be legal as well it is sometimes part of their cultural norm.
The abuse of farm animals in factory farms was not recognized until the early
19th century. When small family farms and traditional ranching of livestock
started to be under the pressure of larger institutional farming
practices.  As factory farms became the
regular type of farms unfortunately the abuse of animals raised because of the
amount of production needed. Most animals in these farms are forced to suffer
physical and psychological abuse for months or even years. Some were housed in
overcrowded facilities with insufficient food, water and natural light. Most
are given steroids to stunt growth, and antibiotics to fight off illnesses that
are likely to happen in such unsanitary conditions. Their eventually
slaughtered after the farms think they are ready.

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Psychological Factors of animal abuse is children who see abuse are three times
more likely to abuse animals later in life (Wisconsin Humane Society, n. d.), a
chain happens once a child or person sees someone else doing it they will catch
on and start doing it themselves. Not only the animal gets injured but the
person who abuses often goes into a cycle that could ultimately result in
violence against other people (Wisconsin Humane Society, n. d.). “Surveys of
psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats found that all
of them had high levels of aggression toward people as well” (PETA, n. d.). “According
to a New South Wales newspaper, a police study in Australia revealed that “100
percent of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of animal
cruelty.”” (PETA, n. d.). Researchers say that cruelty to animals is in most
backgrounds of serial killers and rapists. The physical marks of abuse that
tend get our attention are the scars, the broken bones, the malnutrition bodies.
Dogs mouths sometimes are duct-taped shut because it barks too much, they receive
barley any attention. Emotional abuse is very difficult to see, emotional abuse
causes more suffering as well does more damage to an animal. They are barley
fed and given water as well they are mistreated at a high level.

sociological factors of animal abuse are people who abuse animals usually end
up abuse other people. Animal abuse is illegal. People have psychological
issues usually when abusing animals. “These acts cause people who are usually
healthy from a psychological standpoint to not see someone or something hurt
from an empathetic view” (Helms, 2016) Animal abuse is a big range of behaviors
including animal hoarding, neglect and abandonment. “Cruelty tends to be a
starting point for a much wider range of problems” (Logan, 2018). Nature is affected,
when pets are dropped off at the side of the road they can breed and make feral
animals. Feral animals are species raised without human contact. “According to
National Geographic News, more than 70 million feral cats in the United States
kill hundreds of millions of birds and over a billion small animals each year.
This includes rare and endangered species like the piping plover and Florida
scrub jay. Feral dogs also prey on wildlife along with domestic cats and even
fruit crops.” (Logan, 2018) It can risk people’s health, animals are sometimes
crammed into to small spaces which can cause many things that can affect our
health.            “Factory farms have a
larger impact on the environment because they produce more waste and pollution
in a smaller area” (Logan, 2018). “Humans who eat dairy and meat from certain
farms can develop immunity to certain types of antibiotics” (Logan, 2018).  “Animal hoarding increases the likelihood of
diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans like toxoplasmosis, cat
scratch disease, ringworm, cryptosporidium and salmonellosis” (Logan, 2018)

There are also different viewpoints on
animal abuse. “I don’t think these incidents are happening more than they used
to – they’re simply getting more coverage.” (Beaulne-Stuebing, 2008). “And
that’s a good thing – maybe societal respect for life (all life) isn’t such a
crazy idea, and isn’t so far off. There are still people who do despicable
things, like breaking into houses and microwaving the family cat to death – but
now I think there are more of us who just won’t take it any longer.”
(Beaulne-Stuebing, 2008). Many people care about the issue which can help stop
it eventually


Vets are a great person to talk to about
animal abuse because they can be involved. As well there are even studies to
see veterinarian’s opinions. “The objectives of this study were to 1)
characterize small animal veterinarians’ attitudes about their role in
prevention and intervention in suspected cases of human violence and/or animal
abuse presenting in a clinical setting, 2) estimate the incidence of animal
abuse seen in small animal practices using self-reported rates of suspected
animal abuse, and 3) relate demographic and practice data to the incidence data
and responses regarding abuse intervention and prevention.” (Wittum, 2015).
Around 1000 small animal veterinarians were selected to take the survey. When
dealing with crime scenes of animal abuse Vets usually investigate the crime
scene first. Vets don’t have specific training to recognize animal abuse. But
they do have knowledge that can help. Their overall goal is to prosecute the
animal abusers and take animals to recover them if still in good condition.


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