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The US plays a large role in the global economy. It actually makes up most of it since the country is so large. In the past it wasn’t that big of an impact because it was just started and wasn’t very large. It then started increasing as more immigrants were being accepted and the population grew. As of the 1980s United States citizens were worried about the country’s “competitiveness” in the global market. After that the United States rebounded out of its slump and increased its gains by 1.5 percent per year going from 1 percent per year to 2.5 percent per year for productivity growth. Due to this information, I predict that in the future other countries will catch up and we won’t have as big of an impact on the global economy.This is able to happen because, as stated in The “Globalization” Challenge: The U.S. role in shaping world trade and investment, because of the U.S.’s open borders we are able to keep inflation in check and helps our growth. With that, as for companies and countries changing to help the world economy companies and countries are changing by spreading to more countries and adding factories and such in more countries so they can add to the global economy. They are also changing how their business works to fit how other countries run. Countries as a whole are similar things by spreading business and changing how their country works as a whole. An example of this is, as stated in the TED talk by Monica Araya, Costa Rica is working towards not using fossil fuels to revolutionize and help the rest of the world. This is also an example of how countries are tackling the problem of growth. In the TED talk by Monica Araya she tells about how Costa Rica started revolutionizing by being a country without a military and now they are trying to revolutionize by getting rid of all fossil fuel usage in the country and running only on renewable energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if more countries are doing similar things like getting rid of fossil fuels or just turning to only clean energy in general. As for my prediction of the global economy, I predict that it will only continue increasing because countries won’t stop expanding so why would the economy?It will always be possible that it could decrease because of some disaster, but I think in 25 years the global economy will have skyrocketed because they are already showing a trend of doing so. As for the future, I think that the global economy will expand in the next 25 years because there will be more countries than there are now due to a recent trend of separation between countries. This will play a big role by expanding exports and imports from more countries than there were. That is what I think about the global economy and its future. In conclusion, I think the future is bright for the economy.


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