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The Shadow of the Wind is placed in Barcelona during the time period that followed the Spanish Civil War. Upon the end of the war, Daniel Sempere is brought by his father to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. This was massive secretrative library of old and forgotten titles preserved by a select few people. According to tradition, everyone who is brought there can take one novel, but must protect and keep it for life. Daniel decides on a book named The Shadow of the Wind, which was written by Julián Carax. Later that morning he takes the book home to his room and reads it, completely engulfed and amazed by the story inside. He attempts to find other books written by Julián, but is unsuccessful because no one knows of him. All he could uncover were stories about a strange man who called himself Laín Coubert. His name was after a character in the book who happened to be the Devil. Laín had been tracing Carax’s books for decades just to buy them and burn them all.The son of Mr. Sempere, Daniel Sempere, embarks on a journey to uncover other novels written by Carax and becomes involved in following the entirety of Carax’s past. Daniel’s friend Fermin Romero de Torres, was introduced into the novel as a homeless man, but later was revealed as a spy for the Generalist party was imprisoned and tortured in Montjuic Castle by Francisco Javier Fumero during the Spanish Civil War. Fermin, being a government intelligence agent, was able to help Daniel on his journey plenty of ways, but their journey of investigation led into the murky past of people who were either dead or forgotten, alerted the murderous Fumero to their investigation. Throughout their journey, Daniel and Fermin are being harassed by Fumero who was a cruel policeman and one of Julián’s childhood friends.Their investigation led to them discovering a devastating love story between Julián and Penelope, who both seemed to have disappeared since 1919, thirty years prior to Daniel’s investigation. Julián Carax was the son of the hatter Antoni Fortuny and Sophie Carax, and Penelope Aldaya was a single child from the very wealthy Don Ricardo Aldaya and his American wife. Penelope and Julián instantaneously developed a strong love for each other and decided to start a secret relationship consisting only of casual hidden glances and unnoticeable smiles towards each other. About four years had passed with this relationship and they decided to flee to Paris, unaware of the misfortune that would become of their special relationship. Both lovers would befall and unknown misfortune a week before they scheduled to flee to Paris, which was flawlessly planned by Miquel Moliner, Julián’s best friend. Miquel was the son of a very wealthy dad who earned money during the war for selling ammunition, which gave him a bad reputation. Eventually, it is discovered that Miquel adored Julián greater than his brothers and decided to take his own life for Julián, deserting his desires and youth for causes of


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