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The base of the United States of America is made of of the amendments in the Declaration of Independents. These are our basic laws and freedoms that set out country aside from the rest of the world. The Constitution was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1787. It was compiled and signed by a group of men known as America’s Founding Fathers. The Amendments are crucial to keeping our country organized, just, and consistent; this country was built up from the Constitution. It would not be the same if the amendments were not created, interpreted, or stated exactly how they are originally. It is debatable which amendment is the most important, in my opinion the Reconstruction Amendments are the most important because they state the rules that are the bases of America. Without these amendments America would not be even be the slightest bit free, let alone have true freedom. They are also the most interesting to learn about and are extremely important because they state the rules for slavery’s end, citizenship, and voting rights.The constitution was made to liberate America and its citizens. It sets the unchangeable rules and fundamentals of this country. The 13th-15th amendments are extremely important and are by far the most important amendments in the Constitution. They are identified as the Reconstruction Amendments because they were the first to be passed in response to the Civil War, they were passed one after another. All three were passed by Republicans after they won and became incharge of America. The Democratic party had never officially agreed to these amendments but Republicans used the fact that they could force the opposing party into abiding their laws to their advantage. Their goal was to establish a bit of equality between African Americans and the Whites. Although there were many people in the South that were against equality, the laws were made and everyone was made to follow them. Of course these laws were not adhered to at the beginning, it definitely took some time to get the slavery supporters to follow the constitution. Even then there were some that still found loopholes and refused to respect their fellow citizens, the black Americans.      The 13th amendment, passed on January 31 1865, announces the official abolishment of slavery in the United States, it was made an official amendment on December 6th that same year. (University of Minnesota) It states that any person who breaks the law by inhabitation of a slave will be punished and charged, and they should expect such. The only exception was punishment of a crime wherein the accused was found guilty. This gave people the opportunity and the chance to fester slaves and still abide by the law. Technically they were allowed to keep a slave if they had committed a crime and the judge found them guilty. Since there were many judges and government officials that were sided with slavery, it was easy to convince them of a crime that was committed by a black. People who wished to own a slave would lie and accuse a black person of breaking the law. The judge would gladly find that black guilty, this happened often. The 14th amendment, passed on July 9 1868, clarifies who is an American citizen and who does not qualify as an American. This was made to end the confusion and debate of whether or not the children of Africans were Americans, this very amendment proves that they are indeed Americans. It also prohibits any state from creating any new law that deprives any citizen of their privileges, rights, or their liberties. The government must not discriminate against citizens based on if they are white, equal protection is promised to every citizen. Anyone who was born in America is an American, no debate about it, or so it’s said that there is no debate. Back when the amendment was newly passed, white supremacists did not want to be associated or on the same level as African Americans of black skin color. They argued against the law then, and people are still arguing against the law to this day. The fact that some people think it is debatable is unfortunate, fighting the constitution and what it prescribes is useless.     The 15th Amendment, the last of the reconstruction Amendments was passed February 26, 1869. (History) It gave African American men, not women, the right to vote in elections for government and the economy. This amendment made it illegal to deprive a citizen of their voting rights due to their race, age, or whether or not they were previously enslaved. As long as they were a male citizen that met the voting requirements they could vote. However, many in the South did not want African Americans to vote. Officials and state leaders found loopholes to get away with breaking the 15th amendment. New laws, requirements, and tests were created to make it nearly impossible for a black person to vote. Different variations of a literacy test was given to African American prior voting. Should they had failed it, they would be rejected. Most of them were not educated at all let alone to the level of a white. These testes were complicated and difficult, they were often told to read from the Constitution or Declaration of Independence which are hard to read and comprehend. An example of one of these tests was the Grandfather Clause. This test was not exactly a literal test rather a requirement. It said if your grandfather can vote so can you. Later on, African Americans were forced to pay a fee to vote, it was expensive to most because they were not paid enough at the time. These extreme measures were taken to prohibit blacks from voting, but for what reason? Possibly so the white race can remain in a higher status among the people. Had they allowed blacks to vote, the world would have seen how they will have a positive contribution to America’s legal system. President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to officially end this discrimination in voting. (Heinonline) It put an end to these literacy tests and unfair rules.    The 13th amendment was very plain but crucial and pressing.It abolished slavery after the war. It allows everyone to have a free life and not live in fear of being enslaved and separated from their loved ones. Had it not been placed, the North and the South would possibly be still fighting over slavery. Anyone could easily be captured and forced to work their whole life. The act of slavery is unethical and saddening, thank goodness it was ended.    The 14th amendment brought stability and clarification of who is a citizen. It allowed all citizens to be given special treatment fairly because if you are not a legal citizen then you should have no right to be treated as one. However, it increased the amount of citizens, and gave a wider spectrum. Many immigrants can apply for a citizenship, their children that were born in the United States are citizens and will be treated as such. They are born with all the perks and advantages that come with a citizenship. It prevents heated arguments or even violence over citizenship. Despite the amendment being clear, straightforward, and obvious there are cases where legal action is taken to settle arguments. If this amendment was not in place America would not be fair, the only people that would be considered citizens would be the whites, descended from Europeans. T would only be considered the land of the free and fair for white Europeans that have descendants that were also living in America.          Several years after the Civil War was when African Americans started to educate themselves and build good lives for themselves. Many became motivational speakers, advisors, authors, mathematicians, etc. These are all careers full of knowledgeable, open-minded heads that would bring advancements in our country. Allowing them to vote gives us insight and an alternate perspective on the world. A white and a black have different ways of viewing the world, with many different past experiences. The 15th amendment allows America to be a real home for all people, they help it to be fair and diverse. Our legal system now includes people from all races. Our previous president was an African American, Barack Obama.     A popular choice for the most important amendment among my classmates and, according to Scholastic, most other people is the first amendment. It is often said to be the most important because it includes the basic freedoms. It’s made up of the freedom of religion, assembly, speech against the government, petition, and freedom of the press. Although this amendment is very important, I believe otherwise. The most important amendments are indeed the reconstruction amendments. Living in a country where slavery is not prohibited is frightening. Without set rules for who is an official member of this country it would be unfair. Discrimination against other races would be legal and often done. If voting was not available to other races would allow America to be classified under possibly a communist country. These three amendments make America special and unlike any other country, should it be striped of them, it would be false to call it democracy.  These three amendments are by far the most important, the reason we cannot own slaves, and why we can host fair elections, and why American citizens are diverse and racially varied. These three amendments are the most important, without them America would have nothing to its name, just another country. With these amendments it becomes special and unlike any other country, they define America and make it the great country that it is.       


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