The the negative attitude held by Huck begins

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published on December 10th,
1884. Witten by Mark Twain as a novel and known by others an American classic
This book has dealt with a lot of backlash.In this essay
I will address how two people could view this book differently all bacuse of the


Although Huck
is racist to Jim because he is Mrs. Watson’s 
slave at the beginning of their journey, the negative attitude held by
Huck begins to go away as their adventure continues on. The more Huck and Jim
go through together, the closer the two become and they start to consinder
themselves as friends.

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the backlash is due to one word “Nigger” or the N- Word. Schools around the
world are banning this book or censoring it. 
Twain was not trying to be controversial. He was merely trying to show
people how slaves were treated.  Twain
was also against racism.  The book uses
the N-Word 271 times. In many schools in America this book is banned because of
the excessive use of the N-word and its
negative impact on the community outweighed its literary benefits.
This is not a good reason to many to ban because
this is how people of colour or black people were referred to then. To have
used the word Negro or African-American would have taken away from the story’s
impact and make it sound stupid. If Twain wanted to write an historically
accurate book, as he did, then the inclusion of this word is totally necessary.


“Good Gracious! Anyone hurt?” asks Aunt Sally.
” No’m. Killed a nigger.” 
” Well it’s lucky; because sometimes people do
get hurt.”


passage is another example of Mark Twain’s satire,but this passage by many
could be interpreted as bigoted, hateful and even racist.



If a defender of this book read this compared
to a person who thought this book was racist, they will obviously interpret the
book in different ways.  Let’s say a person
who does not find the word “Nigger” offensive was to read this might interpret
it something like this. Racial slurs
are used throughout the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They are not
meant to be a representation of the author’s ignorance, they are meant to
accurately depict common language and expressions regarding Black Americans at
the time. Such expressions also reveal the attitudes of the time. An example of
the use of racial slurs is “The nigger run off the very night Huck Finn
was killed. So, there is a reward out for him — three hundred dollars”   The
book was also to show the accurate life of a slave back then.



An opposer to this book will say the book is
racist. The book is racist because of the word “Nigger” and what connotation
this word has.  The by definition the
word “nigger” is a contemptuous for a black or dark- skinned person.  Then no wonder why people find this word
offensive to have in the book if “nigger” means that.  For long black people have been oppressed,
enslaved and ridiculed just because of their skin colour.  The word “nigger is used as a derogatory term
for black people.  Many African American
even black people will find it as racist to be called  the “Nigger”. If some people will not even
spell the word out and often refer it to the “N-word” then of course it is more
offensive. This book endorses rasict slurs to school kids.  Therefore the term is considered extremely
offensive and whenever it is published and written in media it is refferd to
the “N-word”. That is what an opposwe  of
this book will want this word to be censored in such clalssic book as Andventures of Hucklebery Finn.


The defender
of this book will say that, the book was also to show the accurate life of a slave back
then. It might be controversial but trying to comprehend how it was for a slave
back then is hard enough and this book at least makes us understand it a bit on
how the slaves were treated back then.


Now the question should it be censored or banned
you can obviously see here how the book will be interepted differently by two
people. Andventures of
Hucklebery Finn was a controversial book even back then.
The reason of the book even being controversial is that the friendship between Huck
and Jim or a white boy and a slave was seen as wrong back then. More like unheard


So depending who you are, depending on your
upbringing and life you might interpret the book differently.



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