The the evil virus that can cause pain.

current state of the world is different from a few years back. Increasingly
concentrated pollution in some parts of the world, food and beverages that use
a little bit of unclear materials require us to continue to maintain our
fitness to fight the evil virus that can cause pain. If one will do not
exercise, the muscles will become flabby and weak. The heart and lungs will nott
function efficiently. Furthermore, here is another reason to do the exercise

First is live longer. On a website of health, in a recent evaluation of
20,000 people published in the Public Library of Science Medicine, it was found
that people who exercise regularly, drink alcohol only in moderation, consume a
nutritious diet and avoid smoking can tack an additional 14 years on to their
life expectancy. It is everyone’s wish to live longer,
have children even grandchildren, then see them all grow up, right?

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Second is exercise can reduce the stress levels. In Atlas &
Boots website and other website of health state that Indonesia is the 25th
most stressed countries. Stress can effect someone health, such as headache,
insomnia even depression. According to the American Institute of Stress on, stress increases the risk of heart disease by 40%, the risk
of a heart attack by 25%, and the risk of a stroke by 50%. Better prevent than a
cure, agree?

Last but not least is empowerment and
confidence. With a good health someone can do their hard work to get their
best, and confident to face the world with the energy that they have. Dr.
Jennifer Burns of the Bienetre Center in Phoenix, Arizona, on
said that exercise helps raise the good endorphins naturally. Choose something
that it will enjoy so they want to do it regularly such as take a daily walk or
riding a bike.

should have a daily activity that can be boost their energy just like the
exercise. They can start by walking from home to school or changing the vehicles
by bicycle. Even in the free time they still can do the exercise because in
this 21st century they are facilitated by youtube, they can see the
tutorial everywhere and anywhere.


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