The that object oriented programing was a real

The java language white paper is a paper issued by SUN
MICROSYSTEM COMPUTER COMPANY .this paper enlists the features the company have
introduced in their new programing language, JAVA .The paper also has the
problems which the developers were facing with the recently introduced object
oriented programming technique.the paper was very successful in making the
readers believe that object oriented programing was a real fail.

The paper
defines java language as a very simple ,distributed,object oriented ,
interpreted,robust, ,secure,architecture neutral, portable, high-performance,
multithreaded, and dynamic language.

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The paper
enlists the following features of JAVA :-


The java is considered to be simple by the devlopers as they
say that this language could be easily understood and one can be a useful
developer from very beginning ,unlike other softwares which requires high end
training for their use .

The java devlopers found c++ unsuitable but still for the
people they made it very similar to the c++ ‘s class and object concept so that
the devlopers find it suitable for use.

The java works on similar concepts of c++ hence to switch
from c++ to java it was very easy for the devlopers.

2.ROBUST & SECURE-Java is considered to be robust i.e
strong  as it has the following sub

– it provides 2  tier
checking compile time checking and a runtime checking

-THE MEMORY MANAGEMENT MODEL :: the java offers a very unique
features which could be very useful for developers as the new feature features
“no pointer or pointer arithmetic” which used to be the most complex or error
prone section.

Java was made by the devlopers to work in a distributed
system environment. As, the devlopers have mentioned and defined the java with

Hence it
security was a matter of utmost concern. The devlopers made it secure so that
when on a network environment softwares written on java cant be intruded by
intruder who do not have access to it.

2.    Architecture neutral and portable:
the java language’s key feature was , that it works on distributive environment
and in a distributive network the nodes are all of a different configuration. Hence
the developers made it architecture neutral which means that the nodes may all
be of different config. ,they may different operating system,they may have different
internal architecture but still they all can still work together this is all
because the java compiler generates a byte code after the compilation of the
code . the java offers a virtual running environment named as JVM these JVM’s
are available for most of the Operating systems .these jvm’s offer the feature
of running those byte codes generated after the compilation hence making java
architecture neutral .


Portable: java language is said to be portable as unlike other languages
as in other languages moving from a 32 bit system to a 64 bit system or
changing from 1 OS to another the memory required for its primitive data types
and the function of its arithmetic operators change . the java language has
made these things very clear . the language does not change the memory
requirement of its data type over internal   architecture
making it portable.

3.    HIGH PERFORMANCE: the java language
has a additional feature of automatic garbage collector. The function of this
collector is to collect garbage memory . garbage memory is the memory assigned
to objects or variable which are currently not in used . this feature of java
makes it memory efficient and grants the system to have extra chunks of memory.
Although the java is interpreted but the greater availability of memory make it
a high performances language.

the java language is interpreted and the interpretation model of the java is
far better than the heavyweight traditional compile and test cycles of other
languages. The interpretation model of the java offer highly efficient fault
finding mechanism .the link phase of the java is simple,incremental and light

At the time of launch of java , the java hotline brower was a great hit .
the java language offered the feature of multi threading . the feature of multi
threading allowed the user to do multi tasking in the browser i.e downloading a
picture over the time scrolling a page. To enable this feature java programming
had the option of a “THREAD CLASS” which enables the user to enalble multi
threading in his software.

The java compiler is very strict at its compile time checking but the
runtime checking is very dynamic . in run time checking class can be linked
over request. These request can be made by the user on a distributive network. Hence
making the java grow the online service section.


The java internal system includes all the libraries of classes required
to build a platform independent software. These libraries are briefly defined



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