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The future will bring imminent changes from career, technology, personal life and family lifestyle. It is likely that every technology will be improved over the years to come because technology is always growing and fundamentally changing our everyday lives.   More work will involve working intimately with digital machines and intelligent systems. I could imagine a world much different to the one today with better smart phones, watches and televisions, microwaves, self-driving vehicles, all kinds of tech.  It’s my guess that things will get pretty fascinating. Technology has evolved at a tremendous rate, and it leaves us asking what will the future bring? By the 23rd century, the entire solar system and surrounding interstellar neighborhood is being transformed by an ever expanding sphere of influence produced by massive levels of artificial intelligence (Fox).  Whether artificial intelligence will rise up and take over is a subject of growing debate.   Science fiction is full of stories about machines usurping humans.  It is not a notion supported by history or data. It will be up to us to guide innovation responsibly (Kasriel).  When it comes to careers, with increasingly technology, I believe that it will increase the income and productivity of employees.  Technology will be able to act as a substitute for a lot of work.  When you look at some countries like Japan, they use robots to lift heavy patients or to transfer the patients from the wheelchair to the bed.  Not sure if these robots help to become more productive or will they take our jobs?  Many researchers are looking into robots to eventually replace workers in certain industries. People will rely too much on technology and therefore, will make life more efficient. A lot of people will have access to working remotely, which is cost-efficient and productive and having the luxury and flexibility of full family working style. Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home- for the right people- can increase productivity and decrease stress.  Research also suggests companies that encourage and support a work from home protocol actually save money in the long run; an added bonus on the employer side.  With video chats, conference calls, VPN networks, and wireless internet will help people stay connected as though they were sitting in the office rather than at home (  Businesses will become competitive due to efficiency and people will tend to rely on information provided by the computer rather than their gut feelings. Technology will affect the job market in a big way because people will buy everything online including food, clothes, electronics etc. with better prices.  There will be lack of personal interaction where people will prefer to self-checkout rather than queuing in line.  It will be risking our humanity at the expense of technology advancement.  This will replace low-skilled jobs with high-skilled jobs.  It will save traveling time and money for most.  A lot of people will become entrepreneurs and will be able to predict the trends that have not happened yet.  They will have the willingness to take action when everyone else thinks that it’s impossible. Instead of going to school, a lot of people will attend online classes which is affordable, accessible and there will be flexibility.  With the rapid pace of technological changes, constant learning is the most pressing need of the day.  There will be more resources online, online networks and it will be accessible anywhere in the world.  This will help people to work and pursue their career without missing out on their education.  It appears that a lot of traditional universities could move to online and fully accredited degrees could be taught entirely online.     How will the future affect our personal lives?  More of our personal time will be influenced by our gadgets.  Compared to the past, the tech-dependent lifestyle will change both professional and personal lives.  Email, texting and FaceTime will be the primary means of communication.  There will be lack of personal interaction, while it enables us to connect with others, it also will hinder in the same way.  Families will be able to video chat, but it cannot replace face to face interaction.  They will become disconnected with one another and will be spending less time with each other because their children are glued to technology.  Technology will be so integrated with our lives that we will not be able do without.  It will become prevalent in making our everyday monotonous tasks like doing dishes, cleaning will all be done by computers.  Both professional and personal lives will be technology dependent.     


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