The Role of Hospital Ethics Committee

This is a reference based on the recent interviews held at one of the major hospitals in town. The following information was gathered after an intensive discussion. That the hospital ethics committee refers to an advisory group which comes together to assist families and or health care workers in solving difficult ethical issues. Composition of the Hospital Ethics Committee The ethics group consists of the lawyers, the clergy (chaplain) and top hospital staff such as the doctors, nurses and other social workers.

The board is charged with reviewing on request, any questions related to the ethics and moral issues that may come up during the primary care of a patient (Philip Boyle & Edwin R. DuBose, 2001). This group of professionals is appointed by the Hospital’s Medical executive Board. Each hospital is supposed to have its own committee. It’s important to note that this group also may appoint office bearers from amongst its own members. These may include office bearers such as the treasurer, secretary, organizing secretary and chairman.

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As discussed earlier, the group is overseen by the hospital’s Madical Executive Board. The role of the Hospital Ethics Committee The committee is charge with the responsibility of representing the patient on matters of bio-ethics in nature. The committee may advice on issues related to ethical dilemmas both in within and or external. Secondly, the hospital ethics committee develops and recommend on the policies and guidelines to be used within the hospital and or clinics, without contravening the Health code of conduct.

Thirdly, the committee may provide, upon request advisory consultation in cases of dilemmas in the family or the society. It does this through mutual encouragement of the patients to solve their own problems among others. How do they meet? In most cases, the group reacts upon request, or when there’s need for their services to be used. In this, then it implies that the group works just like a response team, but this time in an advisory mode. On the other hand, the Hospital ethics committee may arrange to meet in order to carry out issues related to the office administration (Philip Boyle & Edwin R.

DuBose, 2001). Other meetings involved may include in circumstances for the discussion of matters related to ethics. Members of the ethics committee may move around educating hospital staff, clinic staff, patients etc about policies in the hospital that are binding unto them and applicable to them. Does the hospital have written ethical policies and procedures? Codes of ethics? it was discovered that the hospital, as an institution does not solely have its own written ethical policies and policies; instead, the profession has it.

The profession has it such that each individual operating under the umbrella of Health must adhere to a laid down protocol or code of ethics. These ethics are laid down rules and laws sort of that every health worker must follow in order to preserve and respect human life. How often are they reviewed? Who monitors for compliance? There’s already in place an established body that sees to it that all medical practitioners follow, obey and respect Humanity. It ensures that doctors don’t use medical knowledge in contrary to the laws of Humanity (World Medical Association Bulletin, October 1949).

Above all, a doctor and indeed all medical practitioners ought to observe the principles of the Declaration of Geneva approved by the World Medical Association. Failure to comply to these rules may lead to once professional qualifications and certificates being withdrawn from him/her. These rules may be revisited and revised from time to time to avoid obsolescence. References Philip Boyle & Edwin R. DuBose, (2001) “Organizational Ethics in Health Care: Principles, Cases, and Practical Solutions? ”, Page 341 Bulletin/Journal: World Medical Association Bulletin (October 1949), vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 109, 111.


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