The return to nest on the same beaches,

The sex of sea turtles is determined by the incubation
temperatures.  Hotter incubation
temperatures cause eggs to develop into female turtles, whereas cooler
temperatures cause eggs to develop into male sea turtles.  Naturally, sea turtles nest during the
hottest part of the year.  Because sea
turtles nest during the hottest part of the year, a female sex bias
exists.  In stable climates, a female sex
tendency increases the overall reproductive potential of the species.  Although a female sex bias may exist
naturally, the rising temperatures shift the sex ratios to a predominantly
female population, which reduced overall reproductive advantage.  Historically, sea turtles may have adapted to
changing temperatures through inheritance of different traits.  Sea turtles may have changed nesting grounds,
the temperatures that determining sex may have changed, or the time of year
that sea turtles nest during could have changed.  Even though the certain adaptive shifts could
allow sea turtles maintain proper sex ratios, several factors make adaptive shift
an unlikely solution to skewed sex ratios due to rapid temperature
increases.  Sea turtles reach sexual
maturity at a slow rate are long-lived. 
Natural selection causes shifts in traits over many generations by
changing allele frequencies.  Slow sexual
maturation and a long lifespan mean that any change that occurs because of
natural selection will occur over a long period of time.  The rate of change that natural selection can
cause is not fast enough to keep up with the increase of temperature.  Sea turtles also have unlikely to change
nesting grounds.  Sea turtles possess a
strong natal homing sense.  Adults return
to nest on the same beaches, the turtles hatched on.  Mitochondrial DNA sequencing has demonstrated
that a couple hundred kilometers are enough to geographically isolate
populations of sea turtles (Jensen et al., 2018).


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