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The Joint Commission Question 1The Joint Commission Health Care Staffing ServicesThe Joint Commission is a non-profit making, independent organization which accredits and certifies health care organizations and programs in the United States. It is mainly recognized as a quality control company which is responsible in maintaining performance standards in over 21000 organizations cross the US.  It works with a mission of improving public health care and inspiring organizations to provide safe and effective care in the best way possible.The joint commission ensure that the human resource that is working in various organizations are professionally qualified to work in the related field. They require each member of staff to have a PSV- Primary Source Verification which helps in confirming whether the individual has the required license, certification or registration to be able to practice the profession where the law requires certain qualifications. The Joint commission is tasked with the responsibility of completing the PSV and not the individual’s responsibility. The joint commission has provided an extensive definition of the PSV and goes ahead to provide requirements for the verification of the details provided by the practitioner and the process by which the practitioner becomes verified by the commission.Various methods of verifying the primary source information have also been provided for by the commission which includes documented telephone verification, direct correspondence from agents and other recognized persons, electronic verifications from secure original sources or CVO reports. The commission also goes ahead to provide a guide list of agencies that are selected to maintain specific information of the primary source widely known as designated equivalent source. The Joint commission requires organizations to determine the method they prefer to document the completed PSV which bears details such as date of verification, the person who verified the details and the verification results. Question 2It’s very essential for healthcare industry to be able to offer good training to their employees because the effects brought about by poor training in the medical field can be devastating. It is important to be able to set a good foundation for health practitioners to be able to instill confidence and knowledge to be able to save lives. While considering training techniques, it is important to be aware of the expectations that are in mind at the end of the training. What are the goals of the training, who is the trainee, what is the budget of the training, what is the timeline for the training and what training resources and materials are available for the training.The most suitable training method for the healthcare employees would be Stimulation. This is where the trainees are exposed to imitations of the real work. Let’s say for example where a hospital facility or organization provides a dead body for examination and lab works. In that case the trainee is allowed to get hands on the body and perform tasks on it. The main advantage of stimulation is that the trainee is able to acquire knowledge first hand by being able to see and do as the trainer instructs him or her to do. It therefore becomes easier for the trainee to perform the trained tasks later because he or she already has the skill from training. The main disadvantage of the training method is that it is costly. It requires a lot of finance to keep a steady supply of test objects or organs and also to set up facilities that are well equipped for each trainee to be able to have his or her own working space with the test subject. In the end the advantages of stimulation outweigh the disadvantages when the factors at risk are considered.


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