The play never flowed perfectly. Every exercise was

The notes I played didn’t sound like they should be at all. I know that anyone even with basic knowledge about music would have snuck off. Most days when I practice, I end up hopeless. I ask myself… what’s the point in playing through a piece so badly that no one would ever want to listen to it? I can play a couple of lines from some of the pieces from my book. I can please myself by playing “Ode to Joy”, a piece that I’ve been working on for months. But when I go for a lesson, I realize that I fooled myself. Pieces I play never flowed perfectly. Every exercise was ear-splitting. I’ve misread music and rhythm, never practiced the fingerings and played everything too fast. I dropped to my knees, and grabbed my face. “Why is this so hard?” My voice shattered into the silence. I have been practicing since the morning and still haven’t gotten the melody. When I tell people I play the piano, they always ask me, “Are you good?” I never know what to say. Some days, I think I make a sensible sound. On other days I hit the wrong keys, depressed, like now. The honest answer to the question “Are you good?” is no.  That is why I decided to give up. Within two months, I began to dread my lessons.  My mom tried her best to assist me. She helped me with the practice sessions. She learned the theory, worked on rhythm, and read notes with me, but I didn’t have much success. She ended up learning more than me.Due to my mom pushing me to try again after 4 months, I played a tune. It was worse than before, but I began to work on it. A passion for playing rose inside me. It took me a month, but I did it. I played the same tune from Mozart over and over a 100 times. In the end I astonished myself. A piece that seemed impossible the previous months suddenly came together. My fingers move gracefully and fluidly. Most of the notes are in the right order. I guess I won’t stop my piano lessons after all….and this time I won`t give up.


I'm Harold!

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