The passive, active or semi-active packaging, which aid

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is touted to
grow over 15 per cent per annum between 2015 and 2020, and is expected to
outperform the annual growth rate of the global pharma industry. India
is also the largest provider of generic drugs globally, and contributes a
whopping 20 per cent to global exports. NT(1 


In keeping with
the rapid growth rate and demand for pharmaceutical products in the country,
the life sciences supply chain is now witnessing a shift from ensuring only
product availability to cost efficiency and product efficacy. Logistics
companies are now adopting the trend of customization for their customers,
right from packing, storing, transporting and distribution of the product. In
order to protect pharma shipments from any fluctuations in temperature and its
surroundings, manufacturers are now choosing innovative packaging techniques
such as passive, active or semi-active packaging, which aid in maintaining a
stable temperature during the transit process. Logistics players are now
resorting to the adoption of customized temperature controlled logistics system
in combination with temporary temperature controlled warehousing, depending on
the suitability of the pharma product.

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Cold chain
technology accounts for another key trend within the pharma logistics domain.
This technology, although widely accepted, is yet to be widely adopted in the
country. The implementation of cold chain technology through all the stages of
the supply chain helps to maintain the ambient temperature of the pharma product,
thereby maintaining the freshness of the product, increasing shelf life and
reducing wastage. Cold chain technology is an upcoming trend in the Indian
logistics space and is seen as a fast growing business which could provide a
facelift to the pharma handling process.


Besides customization
and cold chain technology, the usage of technologically sound equipment such as
the Automated Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS) during the pharma warehousing
phase is another key trend that has been witnessed. ASRS brings better storage,
security, ergonomics, inventory control, etc., which is an integral part during
the warehousing process.



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