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The issue that will be discussed will be foreign policy. Foreign policy is a government’s strategy in dealing with other nations in a Democratic sense. This can consist of protecting national security in the United States, promoting world peace, a secure global environment, maintaining a balance of power among nations, and working with allies to solve international problems. President Trump in my opinion is the worst president with dealing with foreign policy due to his obnoxious decisions like instigating with Korea, sending Muslims back to their home county, an attempt to build the wall at the border of the U.S. and Mexico, and attempting to stop all illegal immigrants from getting into the nation. Trump’s robust talk can’t hide the problems of his foreign policy technique and his significant weaknesses. in Obama’s type of foreign policy it is has abundance of equality.  The outside strategy of Barack Obama was the remote arrangement of the United States amid his organization. Supporters of Obama’s outside arrangement praise what they depict as his collaboration with partners and multilateralism, his closure of the Iraq War, his continuation of the way toward consummation U.S. battle operations in Afghanistan, the organization’s endeavors at decimating al-Qaeda’s center administration, especially the execution of Osama canister Laden; elevating dialogs that prompted the 2015 Paris Agreement on worldwide environmental change, expediting an atomic manage Iran, and normalizing U.S. relations with Cuba. Obama gave his first major remote arrangement discourse of his battle on April 23, 2007 to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, in which he plot his outside strategy goals, focusing on five key focuses which were conveying a capable end to this war in Iraq and refocusing on the basic difficulties in the more extensive district, building the main genuinely 21st century military and indicating insight by the way we send it, marshaling a worldwide push to meet a danger that ascents most importantly others in criticalness – securing, decimating, and halting the spread of weapons of mass demolition, reconstruct and build the organizations together and associations important to address normal difficulties and face regular dangers, and while America can help other people construct more secure social orders, we should always remember that line the natives of these countries can maintain them.In Hosea 8:12, though I wrote for him ten thousand precepts of my law, they are regarded as a strange thing. This shows how foreign policy can sometimes get complicated but the solution is looking for peace instead of instigating other nations like Korea to terrorize the whole nation. This means that foreign affairs should be handed peacefully and carefully unlike the way Trumps handles foreign affairs.Also, reducing foreign  affairs can also ruin the country’s representation. about foreign policy today is we need to trust other countries in order to have greater revenue from other countries, peace, and equality. The outside arrangement of the Government of the United States should not be based on either the Democratic or Republican parties. It ought to be one which will bring the best good and material advantages to this nation, and to the world in which we have a most critical stake. Tragically, there is today a distinction in the remote strategies of the Democratic and Republican Parties. The outside strategy of a political gathering is more often than not of an indistinguishable fabric from its local arrangement. The household strategy of the Democratic Party is to get rid of benefit as amongst people, and to secure the collaboration of all residents for the benefit of everyone; its standard of progress isn’t the abundance of a couple of people, yet the welfare of the general population overall. Its outside strategy is to get rid of benefit as amongst countries, and to secure the collaboration of all countries for their shared welfare. The Republican Party, then again, follows up on the hypothesis that extraordinary benefits are basic for national flourishing, that tax bounties must be conceded to a few, all together that the individuals who are subsequently improved may diffuse their riches and enable it to leak down to the majority. The hypothesis that a couple of must be improved by administrative guide all together that they may thusly help other people is hostile to Democratic standards. This essential distinction in the speculations of the two gatherings in regard of residential inquiries drives them to approach outside inquiries from a fairly extraordinary perspective. One is more worried about the human parts of issues, the other with material angles.


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