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The trick to getting
your house ready for a last minute viewing is to plan ahead so that when that
surprise call does come, you’d be as stress-free as you could possibly be (for
a house seller, that is). Here are some tips on how to make your home
irresistible and marketable, even for last-minute viewing.


and Clean First and Foremost

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To make short notice viewing
less nerve-wracking, make all the necessary repairs in your house, even before
putting it up for sale. Things to take note of could be: broken counter tiles,
holes and cracks in the walls, leaky faucets, burned-out light bulbs, broken
appliances. A fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference and cover up
scuff marks too. Also, fix doors that don’t close properly or drawers that jam.
And replace worn out carpets. 


Follow the
repair with a thorough cleaning of your house. Remember, a clean house may be enough
for day-to-day. But for home viewing, you need to make your house sparkle. Wash
the windows inside out. Make sure chrome faucets and other fixtures are
polished. Clean out your refrigerators. Vacuum
or wax the floors, dust the furniture, light fixtures and get rid of the
cobwebs. Clean kitchen and bathroom tiles, bleach dirty grout.


On to the Next Step

Now that that’s
done, a proper mindset is key. The best way to handle last-minute house viewing
is to be ready for it even before it happens. Make sure your house is
always available for viewing. 

Make up beds each day, put away toys after each

Open your windows and air out
rooms to eliminate odors.
You may light up a candle or use a diffuser. If you do, pick a mild scent as some buyers might be
sensitive to strong smells. The point is to leave your home with a pleasant
natural smell, not an overpowering one. 


Tidy drawers, cabinets, closets and other storage areas. Organize
contents by putting like things together, or stacking or lining them up.

Make it a habit to wash and put away dirty dishes
right away. Don’t just leave them in your sink as they could leave an odor in
your kitchen. 

Declutter from time to time. If you haven’t used something for over a year,
you probably don’t need it and need to chuck it. If you have a whole bunch of
framed photos, now is the best time to pack them. The idea is that you want the
potential buyer to picture themselves in your home, so keep the photos to a
minimum or none at all.

Some buyers may be averse to pets, so make sure you run them over to your neighbor’s
if you haven’t relocated them already. Hide food dishes or litter boxes and
double-check to make sure they didn’t leave any unpleasant surprise. 

Now when you do get that surprise call, do a final sweep of the
house. Straighten books and magazines, straighten sofa pillows. Empty trash
bins and line with clean liners. Wipe down dirty areas in the bathroom. Wipe
down kitchen counters, appliances, and furniture. Carry a basket as you go
through the house picking up clutter and load this in your car as you leave.
Don’t forget to turn on all the lights to give a bright a spacious vibe to your














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