The message behind this song was the impact

music video, “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé Knowles is a self-empowerment
music video tackling sensitive topics about beauty standards in society and
female body image. In the music video, Beyoncé is presented to be exercising
for her approaching pageant show. Yet, she is seen secretly consuming some pills
and running to the toilet immediately. This fragment of the music video was
heartbreaking because of the pressure society casts on women to not only be
thin but to also be slightly thick. In the video, she is measured from her
waist by her pageant instructor, apparent that she is sucking her stomach in as
she is measured. Although Beyoncé is playing a character in the music video, I
believe she is also showing a true side of herself. She is constantly under the
spotlight to look a certain way, therefore she must also understand the
ridiculous standards and burden society expects from us. The main message the
video is delivering is the importance of self-empowerment. The music video
analyzes the dangers of societies pressure to look beautiful by showing other
characters in the video taking diet pills, being weighed and measured,
receiving Botox and getting spray tans. The reason why this video is so
powerful is that it is directed to a targeted audience that can undoubtedly
relate to the message. Not only is the video tackling self-empowerment through
cinematography, but the lyrics are also powerful. For instance,
“perfection is a disease of a nation,” indicates perfection is spread
throughout countries since society pursues perfection to achieve temporary happiness
from an unrealistic society. I think the most important message behind this
song was the impact it had on the targeted audience. It portrayed a very
realistic and raw story, allowing the viewers to interact and relate to the
significant message. Matters pertaining eating disorders are not relatively
brought up topics in the media and I believe if people emphasize the importance
of eating disorders, it can bring awareness.



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