The Mental Health of Ethnic Minority Groups

An Essay on the journal article: The Mental Health of Ethnic Minority Groups: Challenges Posed by the Supplement to the Surgeon’s General’s Report on Mental Health 1. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s notion of the different prevalence rate of mental disorders in minority communities? Prior to reading the article, I personally believe that the prevalence of mental disorders is not affected by the ethnic community to which the person belongs to.

This is because of the fact that I always had a notion that mental health is actually dictated by individual status in relation to psychological wellness, hereditary conditions, and overall manner of thinking and is not directly dependent on the social circle or population to which the individual is a member. However, after reading the article, my perception on the prevalence rate of mental disorders among various minority communities has changed as supported by the idea that the authors were able to properly cite substantial evidences that will support their claim.

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Moreover, I agree with the observations of the authors that certain conditions within each ethnic community are likely to significantly influence the manner by which individuals will deal with the pressures in the latter part of their lives. 2. What are some things you liked in the article or things that offered a different perspective?

One of the discussions that caught my attention was the discussion on the Japanese and Chinese American families which showcased the importance of strong family bonds as characterized by the “high structured role relationships” within the family to be the most prominent reason on why this cultural group, despite the fact of being immigrants and being subjected to racism, has succeeded in achieving high academic achievement, low rates of mental disorders and low alcoholism prevalence (Sue ; Chu, 2003, pg. 449).

Aside from this, I liked the idea that the authors of this article have made use of specific and real-life situations in order to emphasize the validity of their arguments. 3. Was the subject matter sufficiently covered by the author? After reading the article, I certainly agree that the authors were able to sufficiently cover the subject matter of mental health prevalence among different ethnic minority groups.

Such kind of observation is made because of the fact that the authors provided a well-structured manner of discussion that started with the enumeration of factors that are likely to affect mental health status of minority groups, formulation of hypotheses related to mental disorder prevalence, analysis of the hypotheses, formulation of well-justified conclusion, providing justifications that account for the differences of the conclusions in this study as compared to those of the Supplement, and finally, the formulation of recommendations that can be used by researchers for future investigations.

Hence, the structure of the paper along with the reliability of the evidences and validity of the discussions account for the adequate discussions that are attributed to this paper. Reference Sue, S. ; Chu, J. (2003). The mental health of ethnic minority groups: challenges posed by the supplement to the surgeon general’s report on mental health. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 27 (4). 446-465.


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