The Mayor, who fought for “order and peace”,

The Rabbit’s ShackIn the year 1812 of the holy eagle calendar, a eagle worker befriended a rabbit. One day, there was a storm, and the eagle went to his friend, who lived in a shack at the edge of the town. “Mr. Rabbit, will you allow me enter your shack as to avoid this horrible downpour?”The rabbit, seeing the troubled expression of his friend, answered: “My shack is small, I’m afraid there is room only room for myself and your wing. Please come in gently.” “I thank you for your kindness, I shall one day return this favour.” said the eagle.But the eagle then proceeded to squeeze himself into the shack, flinging the rabbit outside into the rain. The eagle then lay down inside the shack comfortably.”My friend, you have fur, and there is not enough room for both of us. You can sit in the rain while I stay warm inside.” The rabbit, seeing what his friend had done to him, started to shout! The animals heard the noise and came to watch. They gathered listening to the heated argument between the rabbit and the eagle. As the argument began to escalate, the Mayor eagle arrived, “I am the mayor of this town. Who dares disturb the peace?”Upon hearing this, the eagle, who was an advisor of the mayor, replied in a calm voice, “Mr. Mayor, there is no disturbance. I am simply having a discussion with this rabbit of the possession of this shack , which I am clearly occupying.” The Mayor, who fought for “order and peace”, commanded, “I command my cabinet to appoint a Commission of Enquiry which will thoroughly investigate this case and report accordingly.” He then turned to the rabbit and said: “You have done well by establishing friendship with my people. Argue no more, for your shack is not lost. Wait until the day of the hearing, and you will be given plenty of opportunities to state your case. I am sure that you will be pleased with the findings of the commission.” Even though the rabbit did not understand eagle law, he satisfied by the words from the Mayor, and patiently waited for his opportunity, believing the shack would be returned to him. The eagle, obeying the command of the mayor, got busy with other ministers to appoint the commission. After many days of heated discussion, the commission consisting of only eagles was appointed. The commissioners were Geoffrey Lawrence, Henri Donnedieu, and Francis Biddle; with Robert Jackson as chairman of the commission. Upon seeing the commission, the rabbit protested and asked for the commission to include rabbits. He was told by the mayor that it was impossible, since no rabbits were educated enough to understand the law of eagles. He was also told that there was nothing to fear, for not only were the members of the Commission all men of justice, but also gentlemen chosen by God to look after the interest of all, including races less adequately endowed with size and strength. The mayor then promised he would investigate the matter with the greatest care and condemn any biases. But, the rabbit could not rest assured, because he believed in neither the mayor’s words nor the eagle god.One week later, Mr. Eagle and Rabbit went to court. There, the commissioners sat to take testimonies. Mr. Eagle was the first called. He walked up to the podium with a educated air. He waved his wing said with an authoritative voice, “Gentlemen, there is no need for me to waste your valuable time in retelling a story which I am sure, you already know. I have always thought that to protect the interests of my friends is an obligation, and this appears to have caused the misunderstanding between my friend Mr. Rabbit and I. He invited me to save his shack from being blown away by a typhoon. Since the typhoon gained access to the unoccupied space in the shack , I considered it necessary, in my friend Mr. Rabbit’s interest, to turn the undeveloped space to a more economic use by sitting in it myself; a duty would undoubtedly have performed with equal readiness by anyone in similar circumstances.” After hearing Mr. Eagle’s convincing statement, the Commission called for a vote. The result was all judges voted in favor of Mr. Eagle. Then, they called the rabbit, who began to give his own side of the story. But before he could finish, judge Robert Jackson cut him short, saying: “This is starting to go off topic. We’ve already heard the story from various unbiased sources; all we wish for you to tell us is whether your underdeveloped shack was occupied by anyone else before Mr. Eagle took possession it?” The rabbit began to say; “No, wait!.” and the Commission declared that they had sufficient evidence from both sides to adjourn to decide on the final decision. After enjoying a delicious meal at the expense of the Mr. Eagle, the judges reached their verdict,. The summoned called the rabbit, and declared: “In our opinion, this dispute has arisen through a misunderstanding due to your own mental deficiency and the backwardness of your ideas. Mr. Eagle has fulfilled his sacred duty of protecting your interests. So It is clear that, for your good, the space shall be put to a more economically productive use, and as you yourself not yet have the ability which would enable you to fill it, we find it necessary to arrange a compromise that will suit both parties. Mr. Eagle shall continue his occupation of your shack.But, we give you permission to build another shack more suited to your needs at a designated site and, we will make sure it is well protected.” And with three firm strikes of the Gavel, the rabbit had no option but to comply. As soon as he built his new shack, Mr. Crow flew in and politely asked the rabbit to leave. A Royal Commission was again appointed to look into the matter, and the same judgement was given. This was repeated until Mr. Crow, Mr. Rooster, and Mr. Hawk all received new shacks. So, the rabbit decided that he must find a way to protect his assets, and since the law would not offer the protection they promised, he would have to think of another way himself……This short story is an allegory of European Colonialism in Africa and The Americas


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