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The suggestion of photography as a career would not have been taken seriously, if mentioned a few years ago. Back then photography was only really considered as a hobby that could earn a person a few extra dollars. Today, photographers are in high demand, are respected financially, and is a profession that has a great commercial value. Photography can be very rewarding, and can be a main source of income if done in a professional way. A professional photographer needs to have many different abilities, such as visualization, hand eye coordination, come up with creative ideas, and be original. Over all there are many different fields of photography, such as portrait photographers. Portrait photographers take pictures of individuals or groups of people and often work in their own studios. Some photographers specialize in just weddings, senior pictures, or school photos, and may work at different locations. Most portrait photographers own their own business and advertise, schedules appointments, print and edit photos, develop and retouch negatives, and mount and frame their own pictures. They also purchase supplies, balance checkbooks, bill customers, keeps records, update their website, and hire and train employees. Another type of photographer is a press photographer or otherwise known as a photojournalist. Photojournalists take pictures for the national and local press, magazines, or television. Photojournalist need to be versatile and have the ability to photograph all kinds of different subjects. They also need to have good journalistic instincts, and know what makes good pictures for the news, write captions, work well with other reporters, be quick to the scene and work under difficult conditions.  Some of these fields require more schooling than others. Photography is a very open field, and after obtaining a photography degree a person can do whatever they like with that degree.  


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