The local economies and reduce reliance on imports.

The CEL Robox is an easy to use 3D printer; this slide will be reviewing the purpose, safety considerations, benefits of the product and more.

The purpose of the CEL Robox is to 3D print and introduce advanced technology to the world. The CEL want to introduce 3D printers for the mass-quantity, for the small start-ups, artists, architects, hackers/makers and especially students and children. They’ve attempted to make Robox accessible for all people by breaking down 3D to a few clicks and making the product safe for family use. The CEL Robox was created to simplify 3D printing and make it family friendly, it was also created to bring manufacturing back to their local economies and reduce reliance on imports. CEL have been working on the 3D printer Robox since 2012 to make it the world’s easy-to-use 3D printer. One of the major benefits of the CEL Robox is that the system automatically updates itself, which means print speed and quality. Another one of the benefits is that the printer is easy to use and its accessible on many websites ( The CEL Robox costs $999 (without any filament, filament costs $40 on average the prices depend on the color of choice). You can use any filament (from any manufacturer) to 3D print something on the Robox. But by using CEL’s SmartReel you can get the data of the filament onto the AutoMaker which will automatically set the printer to use temperature settings for the first layer bed and other important details which will affect the finished print. The creators of the CEL Robox are Ian Hudson, Kenneth Tam and Chris Elsworthy. To be safe while using the Robox you must be careful about the heat, 3D printers can burn you. The temperature of the 3D printer is very hot so it can mend the filament into shapes.

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In my opinion, I believe that the Robox is a good 3D printer, I believe that it offers you all the services that you might need. But, I don’t recommend it for professionals because I have read opinions from professionals and they don’t recommend it; I think that students and hobbyists should use it. I like the slick design and the colors, but I think that they should have made it a little bit bigger so that you can print bigger projects. I believe that its affordable but they should have made it a little bit cheaper so that all people can have access to it.

Overall, I believe that it’s a good printer.


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