The intervene took effect: the heads of government

The democracies’ fear of war led them to a policy of
appeasement, which tried to avoid war. Hitler revealed his plans in a meeting
with his closest collaborators and they were recorded in the Hossbach
memorandum or protocol of November 1937. He proposed that to achieve autarky
and rearmament it was necessary to drastically apply the idea of ??the living space:
Germany needed new territories to satisfy the needs of raw materials. Hitler
also clearly announced his initial objectives: first the annexation of Austria,
and later, the incorporation of Czechoslovakia. In March 1938 German troops entered
Vienna and Hitler announced the holding of a plebiscite that ratified the
annexation of Austria to the German Reich. The next step was Czechoslovakia.
The excuse was a Czechoslovak region rich in mines and industries in which some
three million Germans lived. Hitler’s threats to intervene took effect: the
heads of government of the United Kingdom, France and Italy attended the Munich
Conference in September 1938, where they accepted the annexation of the Sudeten
to the Reich without the consent of Czechoslovakia itself. In March of 1939
Slovakia proclaimed its independence and then German troops also penetrated
into Bohemia, forming a protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia. In the same month,
Hitler annexed the port of Memel and in April Mussolini occupied Albania. In
May, Germany strengthened relations with Italy with the signing of an offensive
alliance, the Steel Pact. The annexation of Czechoslovakia showed the
resounding failure of the policy of appeasement practiced by the United Kingdom
and France that decided to change their attitude. On August 23, 1939 the
German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact was signed, by which amobos countries
temporarily put aside their conflicts and ideological differences. Said pact
contained another secret prtocolo by which the distribution of Poland between
Germans and Soviets was foreseen. This pact only seems to be justified as a
tactical alliance between two totalitarian regimes that sought to take
advantage of the partition of Poland. Spared by the pact, on September 1
Germany invaded Poland. But this bez the United Kingdom and France did not
yield and on the 3rd they declared war on Germany. This is how the Second World
War began.


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