The improve the control of diabetes, physical functioning,

The government sets standards for what they sell. Can set standards for what goods and services can be produced and sold. There are items that are banned from countries in which the government watches to make sure they do not make nor sell. Regulation is to have intervened in an item or company that would not be approved.             “Government regulation occurs when: undesirable market structures are said to exist (i.e., fewness of firms); there is a perceived need to conserve and efficiently use a natural resource; significant negative economic externalities (e.g., pollution) are associated with a firm’s activities; … and there is a desire to control or dilute large power blocks in the economy (e.g., the strategic position of utility companies). These reasons primarily involve perceived or actual “market failures.” (Younkins, E., 2000).

            “Patient participation means involvement of the patient in decision making or expressing opinions about different treatment methods, which includes sharing information, feelings, and signs and accepting health team instructions.” (Vahdat, S., 2014).

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            Participation in decisions with their providers in health care and treatment. Participation from the patients can help to improve the control of diabetes, physical functioning, and improvement in the health of patients due to the responses from other patients. The importance of participation is to motivate those in the healthcare field to promote their interactions. For an example, when I had Kaiser Permanente we had an account where we could interact with our doctors and our history along with tools that helped with any situation that arose such as important numbers, special account setups and so on. It felt that I was included in my own program then before where I had little say or interaction with any provider. Considering patients as equal partners makes both the patient and the provider have a healthier interaction. Encouragement to participate in their own treatment and follow their plan will lead to a healthier living.

There are pros and cons of deciding to build or to purchase. Purchasing a building can be cheaper than building one from the foundation. However, building from scratch could help a hospital by making a setup that will be desired and be easier to work within. Every hospital should look at their strategy and data to see what the most cost-effective solution would be. “It’s a function of knowing what business questions a healthcare provider has and then developing a model that will allow them to have confidence in identifying those ‘sweet spots’ in the market that are prime for placement of their new locations,” (3 ways, 2012).

            “Benchmarking is a way of discovering what is the best performance is achieved whether in a particular company, by a competitor or by an entirely different industry. This information can then be used to identify gaps in an organization’s processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage.” (Stroud, n.d.). There are three forms of benchmarking: internal, competitive and strategic. Internal benchmarking is when a company has honest practices and want to share them. Competitive is used when a company wants to evaluate themselves, and compared to others. Strategic benchmarking is used when working with world requirements. This is used when a company needs to go out of its own industry.


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