The Imagination, emotion, and freedom are certainly the

Romantic Period began in the early nineteenth century; it radically changed the
way people perceived themselves and the nature around them. Imagination, emotion, and freedom are certainly the focal
points of romanticism. Any list of particular characteristics of the literature
of romanticism includes subjectivity and an emphasis on individualism;
spontaneity; freedom from rules; solitary life rather than life in society; the
beliefs that imagination is superior to reason and devotion to beauty; love of and
worship of nature; and fascination with the past, especially the myths and
mysticism of the middle ages. When analyzed, the story Karmic Hearts conveys
many different themes and elements that are associated with the Romantic

 “Karmic Hearts” is a story which Jhing
Bautista, the author, presents a deeper view about love and relationships.
Cupid, the male protagonist of the story, shows us the different stages of
connection that humans experienced when falling inlove: Awareness. You would
start seeing them in a different light, the way Je and Sic did. Realization.
This is the stage where you realize why you had started to look at the person
differently. Like what happened with Kah when she realized why she liked Chris.
Acknowledgement. This is the stage where you accept your feelings for that
someone. Like how Carlo and Silvia accept their growing love for each other.
However, this is the most difficult stage for most of the people. They are
afraid to be hurt. In this case, they’ll try to stop what they feel.
Confession. Just like what Cupid did to Mina. This is the stage where people
are most afraid of. They were afraid that their feelings will not be
reciprocated. So they tend to hide it until it’s too late. Last, Commitment.
This is when two hearts became as one. Like Lola Gen and Lolo M, who decided to
spend their last moments on Earth next to each other.

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once asked Cupid about commitment. We learned about her view in that matter.
She believed that marriage is the ultimate sign of commitment. However, Cupid
opposed her opinion. There are some people who doesn’t believed in marriage,
people with different culture and those who can’t afford to be married.
Additionally, Cupid said that commitment is throwing all your what-ifs and
what-could-have-been and being content with what you have.

was also a scene in the book where Cupid hit the two boys with an amare.
Same-sex relationship is still viewed as taboo. Although, some are starting
accept it there are still a lot of people who disagree in this matter. Karmina
knew that it would be really hard for the two when they decide to come out. It
quite shows that there were no boundaries when it comes to love. Like what
Cupid says “Why restrict love when
even God’s love is universal?”      

also shows the decisions of humans that stopped us from being happy with the
one we loved. Like Kyle and Gizelle’s situation. They were both inlove with
each other but due to their decisions it was kind of too late for them to be
back together since Gizelle is already married with Sam.

can also relate romanticism to Cupid’s spontaneity of actions. Angels like him
are forbidden to fall inlove with humans. Cupid is an angel who is always
around humans which can be a factor of him being more human-like. He also did a
lot of things that can harm him like getting too close to Mina. He also forbids
the rules of heaven just to be with the woman he loves.


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