The I learned a lot from them. The

The presentation was
about establishing a culture of persistent improvement in patient care at Providence St. Mary Medical Center.

Between the presentations there were a short interesting videos and I learned
a lot from them. The videos were about the importance of smile, welcoming, listening with empathy,
and providing opportunity for questions to our patients. Also, from the
presentation I learned the value of explaining the procedures to our patient and
how we will be taking care of them. In addition, it is important to develop a connection with our
patients to modify their care to make them as happy and comfortable as
possible. Finally, the presenter mentioned some of important things that we
need to use as a health care worker, which includes SBAR tool to communicate
with coworkers, CUS tool to get someone attention when we really need it, and to
verify and validate the procedures to satisfy or meet our patients need. 

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