The Last accessed 10/01/2018. Safeguarding is central

The terms of safeguarding refers to the aspects of how
to keep young children safe and how to prevent harm. It is promote well-being of
children and protect them from any harm they may face therefore children are
protected from abuse and maltreatment preventing
them from harming their health or development. Ensuring that children grow up
with safe and effective care they need. Being able to take actions allowing all
children a young people to have the best outcomes. Protecting individual
children who are suffering from any forms of harm or significant injury is one
of the aspects of safeguarding.

Charter.R. (2018). safeguarding
children . Available:
Last accessed 10/01/2018.

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Safeguarding is central for children and
young peoples

Protecting children from abuse such as
physical, sexual or emotional abuse is a central safeguarding for children and
young people. Everyone should be treated the same and no one should
be mistreated. No one should live with fear of abuse or harm in their life. Children
that are protected from harm and abuse in their life, they are more likely to
grow up feeling confident and they are more likely to be able to face society.Children with disability are more likely to experience
abuse and neglecting and it important that the practitioners recognise the signs and symptoms to protect all children.

It’s important that all nurseries’ and
school to have staff who have complete safeguarding training to enable them to
recognise signs of potential abuse and neglect; having practitioners who is
designed to take lead responsibility for safeguarding children within each
early years setting and who could liaise with local statutory children’s services
agencies as appropriate.

Early years providers should ensure that
all staff has a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check ensuring that the
staffs is able to work with and around children. Having a DBS allow the
employers to see if you are suitable to work with children. When all staff have
DBS early years providers ensures that all children are safe as early years
providers would have known if the person have any criminal record .

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