The Freedom was created in 1982. This is

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom states that it ” guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to suck reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”. This is basically saying that human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from when your born till death. They apply regardless of where your from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life. They can never be taken away, although they can sometimes be restricted. For example if a person breaks the law, or in the interests of national security. This is also known as civil disobedience, which is basically the refusal to comply with laws made by the government. Going back to the thesis, it makes sense that you must fight for laws but it is wrong that rights are not free. There are concept, philosophers, and cases in law such as the Steven Truscott case and the Yu Wu case that proves this statement is true.The Steven Truscott case violated many of his rights and there was no  equality. The Steven Truscott case was a two day investigation that happened during the year 1959. Truscott was charged with murder 2 days after the death of Lynn Harper age 12. She was found in a wooden grove, this was also critical since she was the daughter of an officer. Truscott says that Lynn asked him for a ride one down the highway. He gave her ride to highway 8 and that after he left, a car pulled up behind her. Her body was found sexually assaulted and strangled at 7:30pm on a thursday. Truscott was arrested on friday. This case was unjust since Steven Truscott was taken right from school and into interrogation for 7 hours while being misjudged. At the age of 14 he was charged as an adult and he could not do anything about it since he did not know his own rights. Along with that, the detectives did not use any presumptions of innocence since he was to an “easy target” for them. A concept of law that has been mistreated multiple times in this is equality. Equality aims to promote fairness. Most of Steven Truscotts rights were violated as well; the right to life, the right liberty and freedom, the right to be free from prejudice and more. Remember, the Steven Truscott case happened in 1959, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom was created in 1982. This is to be known as one of Canada’s best murder cases, even though the so called murderer was falsely accused.John Rawls states that justice is fairness and fairness is equity and equality. Equality(the state of being equal, especially in status rights, and opportunities) and Equity(the quality of being fair and impartial). Rawls argues that the way the legal system could achieve fairness and ensure that decisions are rational and unbiased is if no one in the society knew his or her own status or the extent of his or her own wealth. This is a method that Rawls calls “The Veil Ignorance”. If this were possible then everyone would have the same rights without having to to have any taken away, but as for the society itself, it’s different. By law we can lose our rights if we cause civil disobedience, then some of our rights will stripped from us. This is what Rawls would call unjust. Teachers all around the world constantly fight for their rights. A good example of this would be the teacher Pandori who had to fight for the right to wear his kirpan since it was part of his religion, the kirpan contains a knife which the school board considered a weapon even though there religion is very peaceful. This case is a perfect example of Rawls theory, “every individual has an equal right to basic liberties.” This is a great example of how rights are something you don’t get for free, you have to fight for them.In 2003 Yu Wu was convicted of possessing 300 cartons of contraband cigarettes. A judge imposed the minimum fine under the Excise Act, but when they found out that Yu Wu did not have the money to pay the fine, because he a single parent supporting himself and his daughter on welfare, the judge changed the sentence and instead imposed a 75 day conditional sentence with a house arrest between the hours of 6 p.m and 6am The Supreme court of Canada agreed that Yu Wu should not have been given a conditional jail sentence for failing to pay the fine. This is unfair and unjust towards him since his rights are being violated to a certain extent. His rights were violated, for instance section 7 of the C.C.R.F states that “everyone has the right to life liberty and security.” unlucky for him he was not able to fight for his rights since he was not able to get a lawyer because he’s poor. This makes this case very Unjust in multiple ways.All of the cases, concepts of law, and philosophers that I have used today show that the statement “Rights are something you don’t get for free. You have to fight for them” is true and incorrect. Again when your born into this world you automatically have the right to all human rights, but you must also fight for them, when it is necessary to do so. For instance when causing civil disobedience, and so on, and all the points that I have shown in my body paragraphs prove that this is true.            


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