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The wonderfully famous author, John Green, wrote the beautifully written book Looking for Alaska. This book takes place in the present. The present is of great import in this book, especially to the characters. All of the action goes down in a drab boarding school, Culver Creek. The beloved, incredibly sticky, airless Alabama is where the school is located.The chicken legged Miles Cavalry is the protagonist of this book. His, what you could call, friends call him Pudge. Quite the irony since he is awfully skinny to the point of his clothes falling off his body, but maybe that’s because he buys his clothes too big. He is from an amiable town in Florida. He is a non-Weekday Warrior as a junior at Culver Creek. Pudge is obsessed with two things, famous last words, and Alaska Young.Another wonderful character in the book is Alaska Young herself. She single-handedly took over Miles’s life just by existing. She was from the dreary town of Vine Station, Alabama. She was a junior at Culver Creek. She pulled pranks, drank, and, smoked endlessly. Well, as endlessly as you can get. She once said “Y’all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.” She definitely meant that. She was a mystery and she was Miles’s Great Perhaps.Another amazing character is Chip “The Colonel” Martin. He is a very loyal person, who you could depend on whenever. Chip is from a small a trailer park in Alabama. He might be poor, but he is rich in intelligence. He has memorized every country, capital, and population of the world. He is amazing in math. He attends Culver Creek as a junior. He is also spectacular at pranks and can plan one down to the tenth of a second. He also can plan it and make a solution for every step if something goes wrong. The book is organized into two parts, before and after. It is 221 pages long. There are little sections in the two parts. Its “chapters”, if you can call them that, are organized into days. The chapters in the before section they are titled by “number of days before”. In the after section, the chapters are titled ” number of days after”. John Green writes in the first-person narrative, so it makes his books interesting to read. He makes his writing very relatable to teens. The meaning of the title Looking For Alaska is in a metaphorical sense. Spoiler alert ahead, Alaska dies. It’s a metaphor for how Miles and The Colonel are trying to figure out how Alaska dies. Alaska died in a car crash; whether it was an accident or a suicide, we don’t know. They search for the answer and inevitably never find one.Miles Halter leaves Florida to attend Culver Creek Preparatory High School in Alabama for his junior year goes to seek his Great Perhaps. Miles’ new roommate, Chip “The Colonel” Martin, ironically nicknames Miles “Pudge” and introduces Pudge to his friends: hip-hop emcee Takumi Hikohito and Alaska Young, a beautiful but emotionally unstable girl. When Alaska finds out about Miles’s obsession with last words, she informs him of a Simón Bolívar’s quote”Damn it. How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!” The two make a deal that if Pudge figures out what the labyrinth is, Alaska will find him a girlfriend. Alaska sets Pudge up with a classmate, Lara. Pudge and Lara have a disastrous date, ending with a concussed Pudge throwing up on Lara. Alaska and Pudge grow closer and he begins to fall in love with her. She insists on their relationship being platonic because she has a boyfriend that she loves very much. On his first night at Culver Creek, Miles is kidnapped and thrown into a lake by the “Weekday Warriors.” Miles concluded that Alaska was highly impulsive. He concludes that the labyrinth was a person’s suffering and that humans must try to find their way out. Afterwards, Pudge grows closer to Lara, and they start dating. A week later an intoxicated Alaska and Miles spend the night together.In the middle of the night, Alaska receives a phone call which causes her to go into hysterics. She that she has to leave. Pudge and the Colonel distract Mr. Starnes and Alaska drives away while heavily intoxicated, crashes her car, and dies instantly. The Colonel and Miles are devastated and blame themselves. They learn that Alaska might have deliberately crashed to kill herself. They discover that Alaska was driving to her mother’s grave because she had forgotten her mother’s birthday. As a way of celebrating Alaska’s life, Pudge, the Colonel, Takumi, and Lara team up with the Weekday Warriors to hire a male stripper to speak at Culver’s Speaker Day. The whole school finds it hilarious; Mr. Starnes even acknowledges how impressive it was. On the last day of school, Takumi confesses in a short note that he was the last person to see Alaska, and he let her go as well. Pudge realizes that letting her go doesn’t matter as much anymore. He forgives Alaska for dying, as he knows Alaska would forgive him for letting her go.


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