The files however, it states that no-one ever

The Dempsey House was a small pump house located in Middletown, New Jersey. This small pump house was surrounded by local legend about why many cases of legends that a murder or fowl play had arose in the house. No-one will ever know for sure. The only thing we do know is the rumors that are told and twisted in many ways. The Dempsey family is the main lead to uncovering the secrets of the pump house. Some of the multiple many rumors involve a family member living in the house. This has lead to Elder Dempsey to having calls some nights with people asking to buy the property or asking about a legend. Elder Dempsey himself says he doesn’t pay attention to the folklore, since he knows it isn’t real. Though, the history of the house still left people on the edge about if the legends were true or not.The small pump house was built in 1926 by William Dempsey. It was said by old locals that they recall the Dempseys using the house as a playground and living in the house across the street. Though, as most of the rumors say the someone must have lived in the house. In the town’s files however, it states that no-one ever lived in the house.Throughout history legends began to arise about the ran down house. Apparently, William Dempsey was ill when he lived in the small pump house and needed a caregiver, then the caregiver stopped showing up. William Dempsey waited for the caregiver, soon he couldn’t live anymore and slowly passed away. After an unknown tip to the police station a policeman went out to the rusty house. They see after seeing William Dempsey’s dead corpse it said the cop went outside and hung himself from the many trees outside. This is one of the most popular legends along with some other legends that have been surfacing left and right. These however have been debunked by Elder Dempsey. Though, wouldn’t he want to cover up the past himself?No-one knows what actually happened in the Dempsey house, if anything happened at all. All we know as of the moment is the small pump house in Middletown, New Jersey is left to sit and rot for most of its life.


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