The exotic green nursery deals exotic plants such

The last nursery visited
for this project was the Exotic Green Nursery in Greater Kailash 1. Exotic
green nursery is an extraordinary nursery hidden in hustles and bustles of its
surrounding. As its name suggests the exotic green nursery deals exotic plants
such as Tropical Bonsai, Indian Bonsai, Cactus, air purifying plants,
ornamental plants etc.
Exotic nursery is an excellent constructed and a well managed nursery. The
nursery appear to be a plant shop but hidden inside is fully maintained
greenhouse nursery where several outdoor plants are exhibited.


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Exotic green nursery mainly deal in ornamental
plants which are used for the purpose of decor. Thus most of the plants sold
here are flowers and decorative plants which are grafted professionally. The
nursery came into existence in 2010 and redefined Green Gifting. The concept
was introduced to replace the bouquets and other items as a gift with plants as
a tribute to the Environment.Exotic Green have created a strong
Buying and R&D team, which brings exotic Bonsai from Japan or Lucky Bamboo
from Thailand & China, exotic green has more than 300 products and bring to
you the rarest of rare varieties of the exotic plants with unmatchable quality.GRAFTED
BONSAI COSTS MORE THAN TEN THOUSAND INRAt exotic nursery all the plants are sold in
ceramic pots which are beautiful in appearance.CERAMIC

Exotic nursery is a very well maintained nursery.
Though this nursery is not for someone who has just started  gardening but
it is an exceptional nursery for intermediate gardeners. The prices are quite
high but the product you get from this nursery is worth every penny. This
nursery maintains a website for orders which are placed online and then
delivered at customers doorsteps. The best thing about this nursery by far is
that even after purchasing a plant from this nursery the staff at the nursery
helps the customers to maintain the plant and answer the queries of the
customers and help them grow better and healthy plants.


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