The Europe and other parts of the world.

recognition of need to regulate how data can be managed, came from realization
of Automatic Data Processing potential and from its capability to transfer data
“within seconds across national frontiers, and indeed across continents.” It
was recognized that existing and upcoming information flows were beneficial to
some economic sector, and complete restriction was economically non-viable. As
a result, to uphold human rights and to regulate information flow, first data
protection laws were implemented in several countries on national level.


of Data Protection laws on global scale may be attributed to Organization for
Economic Co-operation and Development, which in the year of 1980 has issued
“Guidelines Governing the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Data Flows of
Personal Data” and the time included 25 member countries in Europe and other
parts of the world. According to the guidelines about a half of OECD members
had already introduced, or were to introduce shortly privacy protection laws by
that time. The purpose of the guidelines was to harmonies national privacy

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following principles were meant to lead privacy legislation on national level:   

·    Collection
Limitation Principle – Data collection is limited to lawful means,
knowledge/consent of data subject, whichever applicable

·    Data
Quality Principle – Data should be relevant, necessary to the purpose,
up-to-date, as well as, complete and accurate

·    Purpose
Specification Principle – purpose of the collection should be specified prior
to the collection, and the use should be restricted to that purpose.

·    Use
Limitation Principle – data should not be used for purposes other than
specified, with the consent of data subject, by the authority of law

·    Security
Safeguards Principle – security measures should be applied to prevent potential
loss, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of data

·    Openness
Principle – a general policy of openness on the actual use of data should be in
place, as well as, on the identity of data controller (entity which is making
use of the data)

·    Individual
Participation Principle – an individual should have right to know whether a
data controller has a data related to the individual as well as be able to
learn what that data is, to be able to alter it to make data more complete and
accurate, or request its removal


Besides this, guidelines include a passage that stresses the
importance of international cooperation, openness and mindfulness of the
states, which has not yet implemented any privacy protection measures.

Although, these were only guidelines, without obligations
for members to follow them, prior to that data protection has been addressed on
national level only.


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