The environment, on the business of travel agents.

The study’s main assumptions are of different kinds based on the objectives, study population, size, location & time is mainly about Lebanon in the past 4 years. However, the data base is mainly collected from online researches, studies, and books and used as a reference to my research. This paper represents a survey performed by the Hospitality and Tourism Management department. The data collected from travelers is based on the convenient sampling method, using questionnaires so the pool of study was composed of travelers who : 1. Who their age varies from age 20 to 60 years old. 2. Travel for leisure, business, education or visiting relatives/friends. In addition to questionnaires, interviews were conducted with major travel agents to evaluate their perception of the importance of online booking on their business. These travel agents have their own website and some of them are international organizations. The questionnaire addressed to travelers comprised of more than one question. The focus was on their booking habits, in an attempt to find a link that explains the relationship between: 1) age, education, profession, and purpose of visit. 2) The booking choice of travelers (through a travel-agency consultant or online booking) Year after year, the booking preferences for independent travelers are diverging towards online booking. The impacts of online booking on travel agents can be measured in terms of opportunities and threats, and vary according to the size of travel agents, the target market as well as the business structure. The purpose of this paper is to propose the investment in online-booking technology as an opportunity to retail travel agents, enabling them to overcome the threats of direct reservation on their business. In this context, we will refer to previous studies and researches that evaluate the impacts of the macro environment, on the business of travel agents. A research study about online-booking led us to believe that, despite its negative impacts, investing in online-booking technology can still create a competitive advantage for travel agents. Research outcomes should shed light on the understanding of the new trends in the tourism industry.


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