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The security agents should have special government
license which can be used to carry out random checks with the aim to crack down
the number of illegal guns by a significant amount of gun possession in the
United States of America. Especially, this will make sure that there is a bit
of responsibility when it comes to ownership of guns. In the United Kingdom,
the police are in a position to tell the number of firearms being possessed by
the individuals in their country. Therefore, this has boosted gun control

Likewise, American politics plays a significant role
in causing gun violence and also uncontrollable gun distribution across the
world. There has been carelessness of the politicians to formulate laws which
could guard gun ownership and its delivery to the citizens. For example, the
second changing of the American constitution has given authority to the army
group to own guns. Mainly, media usually expose gun use as an achievement where
gun users are seen prosperous where they move from a unit to another without
being nabbed. Thus, the United States government should develop a policy that
is in cycle with the common problems  (McGinty and Barry).

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Even though there is a lot of effort which has been
used in the war against gun violence, it has remained widespread in the United
States where the battle cannot be won with each citizen having to join hands
and combat this global scourge. Nevertheless, despite all the effort used, it
is important to realize that the government has the highest responsibility in
dealing with the high crime level and gun control across the world. This is
because laws and regulations have been formulated to control the gun distribution
and their ownership.

Moreover, parents also play a significant role in gun
control across the world through emphasizing the need for peace among families.
It is most advisable for neighbors to embrace the good personal relationship
with the aim of maintaining order thus lowering gun violence cases in the
society. Moreover, adopting religious teaching is also encouraged all times
because of their firm opposition which is regarding gun violence as well as
other anti-social behaviors. Additionally, coming up with a personal weapon
which can only work for one person is vital thus avoiding sharing of firearms.
For the lost and found guns, fingerprints should be used to trace the owner of
the dropped weapon thus limiting the number of people legally possessing guns (McGinty., et al. 67).

In addition, the government is mostly responsible for
dealing with criminal activities through guarding against illegal gun
ownership. This can only be achieved through minimizing the number of people
who should in a position to possess a gun through imposing strict rules and
requirements. About the set rules, the detailed investigation should be done
before authorizing an individual to own gun. Notably, this survey should cover
the individual history about their mental soundness as well as their social
stability. This will make sure that only those who have stabilized economically
are worth possessing guns since they are not likely to be involved in criminal
activities. Among the investigations to be done is undergoing a psychiatric
test before having access to the weapons. Therefore, this will make sure that
individuals experiencing mental instability are not allowed to possess guns
because they are likely to misuse them (Lott, 45).

Although controlling gun distribution and ownership in
the United States as well as in other parts of the world has remained a mirage,
a considerable number of people have become optimistic that a permanent
solution the existing problem will be met. The best solution to the gun
violence is well understood through first getting to the cause of this security
issue which is significantly threatening the security level of the entire
world. It is argued that since the discovery of different media channels, society
has been dramatically changed. Notably, Hollywood is among the significant
vocal advocating for gun control in the world where Spooner argues that these
elites enhance anti-social behavior such as gun violence through music and
movies which are not only watched in America but around the globe (Spitzer, 40).

Primarily, there are various ways in which gun control
can be implemented where some ideas have been borrowed from the United Kingdom experience
and legislation. Gun control should be the sole duty of the state as well as
the private security firms thus there is no need to decentralize security
issues in the United States of America. This is because the police in charge
are overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of crimes that they should deal with gun
violence since it is rampant and has claimed lives of many people. Crime happens
in many forms which range from pickpocketing to international terrorism. There
is increased crime level for an extended period thus threatening security or a
considerable number of people causing life loss and property destruction. Particularly,
crime control is always accompanied by violence which is fatal and costly on
the other side. Although there has been a lot of effort set in a war against
insecurity, cases of abuse are still high in the United States. Therefore,
fight set against crime should be a collective responsibility which has to
involve every one despite their gender, age, and race. Moreover, gun violence
has occurred more repeatedly as compared to the other forms of criminal
activities. More amazingly, all people including the young can easily access
the guns. In fact, the natural accessibility to guns is what makes the war
against gun violence complicated and quite demanding (Lott, 45).

Gun control has remained to be the most significant
challenge affecting the security agencies in the United States of America. Especially,
it has claimed several lives and has left this country in agony. Setting laws
and regulations is advisable since it will save lives of innocent people. Gun
control incorporates the effort used to eliminate the rise of violent crime
through strengthening rules governing ownership of firearms. Primarily, those
in gun control groups believe that gun control is wrong and is a violation of
constitutional rights. A significant number of people have been left disabled due
to the gun crime and violence through the government has to control its
distribution and illegalize its possession without exception to any
circumstance (Bloomberg, 17). Therefore, the
following essay is discussing the implementation and policy recommended for gun


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