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                      The Pollution Purifier          FunctionalityIntroduction    Pollution is a key factor to demote cities and communities development of sustainability. There are massive amounts of air pollution in China which leads to unsustainable development since the amount of carbon dioxide released in the air is tremendously fatal. Greenhouse gasses are composed of many harmful elements that consist of heat-trapping components that trap heat in the atmosphere which causes global warming as well as multiple problematic factors that affect the sustainability of the span of life. The fatal situations that are occurring currently are vulnerable, on the account to these statistics, the proposition of the pollution purifier came to our mind. This report contains the functionality of this innovation and its scientific component.The Electricity Source    The pollution purifier contains solar powered panels for the source of electricity. Solar panels produce electricity by enabling molecules of light to release electrons from atoms, to generate electricity. Electrons are particles with negative electricity. Solar panels consist of smaller components identified as photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic is the course of converting sunlight to an electricity source. Many photovoltaic cells are combined together to form solar panels. The establishment of an electric field occurs when opposite charges are divided. There are two layers in an electric field, the top layer consists of phosphorus within silicon which forms negative electrons, whereas the bottom layer consists of boron which forms positive electrons. Metal conductive plates on the surfaces of photovoltaic cells accumulate electrons and convey them in wires, which results in a flow of electricity.                                    (The span of generating electricity in the form of solar panels)The Procedure of Purifying ContaminantsThe stages in this structure have certain time limits for each method to be successfully decent. Firstly, the pollution purifier would be placed on top of the chimney in factories and connect it together in order for the contaminated air to travel through the pollution purifier. Next, the contaminated air would enter stage 1 by getting blown upwards using the force that is applied by fans. When the contaminated air enters stage 1, using the power of cooling condensation by the utilization of the generator that applies a certain procedure that would successfully condensate water from the air, therefore, the water would carry all the contaminants and the purification process would be successful. A water generator has a compressor that circulates refrigerants going through a condenser then, the air that comes out of it is cooled by an evaporator coil. This results in the air to its dew point which causes water to condense. After the condensing process is finished, a vacuum from the filter above would start pulling the water upwards towards the water filter for the filtration process. The vacuum in the filtration stage would face upwards for the water to travel to the evaporator stage. Next, the heat generator applies heat and evaporates the purified water to purified air. After the process of evaporating the water, fans are provided to push the purified air upwards to the last stage. Lastly, the purified air is traveling through the funnel at the top of the structure, leaving purified air to make the environment sustainable to breathe in.Form, Function, Center of Gravity, & StabilityThe fundamental purpose of this structure is to perform the commitment ofpurifying contaminants within the atmosphere. The structure is designed to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from circulating through the atmosphere by trapping the contaminants within the gasses that are released from industrial factories in China. The process of removing the contaminants within the gasses that are released from industrial factories is by placing a pollution purifier structure on top of the chimneys in the industrial factories within China. There are beams to support the weight of the structure as well as preventing forces to diminish the structure itself. The form represents the physical attributes of a structure and the aesthetics.  The form contains the attributes of the supports that are contained within the structure such as, beams are utilized to support loads. The stability of this structure is well maintained because the support base is wide and the center of gravity is not enormously high which results in stability within the structure. Therefore, the form and function are significant components within a structure since it represents the majority of the structure itself. The stability is also a significant key component within a structure since structural failure can occur as well if the stability is fragile. The center of gravity is a significant aspect of the science concept because it can determine the stability of a structure. Therefore, all 4 components-form, function, stability, center of gravity are significant towards the construction of a structure.(Types of beams that support loads and centre of gravity explanation)Conclusion    Therefore, the pollution purifier functionality has been analyzed and represents as the most suited structure for global goal #11 sustainable cities and communities. The main objective of global goal #11 is for the cities/communities to be sustainable to live in, and the purification of air is a significant component of sustainablecities/communities. The attainability of the structure is plausible since all science aspects have been analyzed. Hence, this is the most innovative yet structure that is plausible and effective. 


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