“The dance BA integrates composition, training, and improvisation,

“The dance BA integrates composition, training, and improvisation, while challenging students to locate dance politically, culturally, and historically. What experiences or goals do you have that align with this point of how art and society intertwine?”     Throughout history, art and society have evolved as a pair. It’s hard to say when dance first became intertwined with the human race, but it has been there since the beginning. In prehistoric times, cavemen drawings depicting figures dancing can be seen in caves throughout europe, used as a method of communication and bonding. It has been observed in religious ceremonies, often asking their deities for protection or giving thanks. It has also been used as a method of healing, thought to have protected the dancers from disease. Throughout it all dance has been used as a method of self- expression. Every culture across the world has their own version of dance. Before languages were formed, people would have to convey what they meant through motion, the birth of dance. Each generation expressed themselves through movements, and building their own styles up. As the human race evolved, we were introduced to new styles of dance, and were immersed with hundreds of other cultures forms of art and motion. Today, dance introduces us to styles around the world. Art allows societies to interact with each other, immersing people in the thousands of years of culture built. Not everyone speaks the same language but we all share art in common. It is the uniting force of cultures across the world.     This past fall, I got to be apart of the connection between society and art. My high school Advanced Dance Team put on our fall show, El Amor Vive  (The Love Lives On). The dances revolved around Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead.) Dia De Los Muertos has always been a special day for me. It allows me to remember and share stories about all of my passed relatives, and truly celebrate life. My family and I always set up our alter together filled with sugar skulls, pictures of our loved ones, and candles and sit down for a special dinner where we eat all of our passed loved ones favorite meals. During dinner we get so immersed in often embarrassing, funny stories, that hours fly by. Many of the stories give me a look into the past, and let me learn about some relatives I never really knew, but still feel a connection to. This annual tradition went on long before my birth and I intend to keep it long after I pass. The show for me let me have a platform to immerse others in my cultures. We got to dance to traditional mexican songs, and tell a story that I’ve lived through. Previous shows haven’t been as eye-opening as this one. This show for me let me learn a lot more about my culture, and take pride in traditions many wouldn’t’t have known i celebrate…….. such as the three flowers of day of the dead, and the meaning behind each individual one. I never knew the scent and color of marigolds were used to guide our loved ones back to the altar. In my dances I felt a different kind of connection than at dinner. I felt as if my loved ones were with me while a danced, a feeling I can’t quite explain. The show allowed me to experience others learning more about my culture, and me helping show them-all through dance. The dinner after the show had concluded was my favorite possibly ever.     Dance is all around us, but I’ve never really thought about how it’s influenced society. Art inspires change. Getting to learn more about different cultures, styles of dance, and working in a challenging environment where I can explore different styles, and compose my own pieces will help me be apart of the change…… i hate the previous sentence.-goals and get out of ucla dance programs.    I think all dancers have others that we look up to. Whether it’s certain choreographers, our teachers, or peers. We all have someone that we’re striving to be. Those people have the power to influence us. They are going to be the ones inspiring us to make a difference in society through their teachings. On a multitude of occasions I’ve looked up to these people and although I’m only one person, they still evoked greatness within me. I felt my creativity blossom, excited to create a new piece. A piece that although won’t be seen by the whole world on a giant stage, might have the power to inspire someone else. That’s art for me. It has the power to bring upon change no matter how big or small. It can’t be measured or contained. In 1969 Yale students brought in the sculpture lipstick on caterpillar tracks in protest for the vietnam war. It still remains there today because of the impact it had. Art is used to bring about change. It conveys what we mean better than any words that could possibly ever come out of our mouths. It only takes a single person, a single idea to bring about change. I hope to be that person, and bring about change in the world…..Communicate through body languageShiva as lord of danceProtests were held Military the lipstick tankArt is used as a form of self expression which is why it is so effective while demonstrating-bring up sf women’s marchWhat goals do i have with art making a difference in society dance has the power to move people. DVD politics


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