The built-in traffic sign recognition, cruise control with



The history of the Maserati Ghibli dates back to as far as
1967 when Italian manufacturer; Maserati set out to create a line of luxury
sports cars. The original model was featured among the top sports cars of the
1960s. As the designs and features have advanced with years, the name and brand
has become renowned with class, luxury and affluence. The newest Ghibli
releases for 2018 come in the form of the Ghibli GranLusso and the Ghibli
GranSport. Both models have already received rave reviews on their luxury
features, attention to detail and quality and exclusive styling integration.   

Among the features that owners of the new Maserati Ghibli
will be able to enjoy include Highway Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, built-in
traffic sign recognition, cruise control with easy adaption, active blind spot
assist, a new EPS steering system and integrated vehicle control. The model
also boasts an eight-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive for ease in
motion, a sound system, Wi-Fi hotspot, a V6 engine, parking sensors and
exquisite wood trim throughout.

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The purpose of the book is to introduce the new Maserati
Ghibli 2018 to luxury car enthusiasts. The book will also elaborate on the
features and key specifications of the new vehicle and how users can enjoy the
interaction. It is hoped that at the end of the book, the content shared will
be sufficient to enjoy maximized user experiences.










The new Maserati Ghibli is outfitted with
an enhanced transmission feature. The new luxury car boasts an automatic eight
(8) gear transmission. This feature is duplicated in the other Ghibli models
that include the Ghibli 5 and the Ghibli diesel.  



The car is designed to exude class with its
design. The car measures in at 4971 millimeters by 2128 millimeters by 1461 millimeters
or approximately 497.1 centimeters by 212.8 centimeters by 146.1 centimeters (L
x W x H). 



The car is also designed for stability with
its fulsome engine and bodywork. The new Maserati Ghibli weighs in at
approximately 1710 kilograms.


External Design

The new Ghibli GranLusso offers heightened
appeal to luxury car enthusiasts. The car is designed and outfitted with a
bumper created from chrome inserts. The car is also able to boast the brand
logo, nineteen (19) inch poseidone alloy wheel that is accessorized with black
brake calipers and side skirts that duplicate the color of the car’s body.


Exterior Carbon Package

This package offers Ghibli luxury car
owners with customized décor options. The package allows owners to customize
door handles, the side door mirrors, the rear spoiler, front splitter as well
as the B and C pillar covers.


Protected Glove Box

The Ghibli also offers vehicle owners
additional security of personal contents. This security measure comes in the
form of a PIN number protected glove box. This feature can be found to the
passenger side of the car and also offers electronic auto-lock features for the
high-tech car lovers.


Surround Sound Camera

This is one of the unique features of this
luxury car. It is designed to enable users to get a full three hundred and
sixty degree view of the car.


Parking Sensors

The Maserati Ghibli is outfitted with a
number of parking sensors. This feature of the luxury car enables seamless and
timely parking for vehicle owners. There are six (6) front parking sensors and
four (4) located to the rear. The feature works with the use of an acoustic
signal that indicates when obstacles are spotted. The instrument display shows
the obstacle that is detected.


Parking Camera-Rearview

This feature of the car assists vehicle
users with parking by displaying the rear of the car on the instrument display.
Obstacles are clearly displayed to enabled users to make changes as
needed.  The rear-view camera can be
found beside the open button for the trunk, just above the number plate.


Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Ghibli 2018 model is outfitted with a
Wi-Fi Hotspot. This wireless system is designed to provide user access to
internet services while on the go. The system enables users to connect a
maximum of three (3) devices at a time while the vehicle is in motion. This is
made possible with the use of the WLAN router included I the design. The
feature supports protocols such as GSM, EDGE and HSDPA.


Navigation Map Updates

The 2018 Maserati Ghibli offers users
convenient access to navigation maps. The updates are always available at
certified Maserati dealers and provide the latest changes and improvements for
current content as requested.


Indoor Car Cover

The indoor car cover is one of the
available accessories for the Ghibli luxury car. The accessory is designed to
perfect cover each contour of the car while enveloping its entirety and
highlighting the front grille and side vents. The indoor car cover is
manufactured from an anti-laddering fabric; for maximized grip while covering
the car. The cover is colored in the Maserati blue with hints of grey piping
and decorated with the Maserati and Ghibli logos.


Outdoor Car Cover

This accessory is specifically designed to
offer protection for the Ghibli while exposed to the elements. The outdoor
cover is designed from fabric that is waterproof, elastic and breathable. The
use of this fabric mitigates against the effects of the wind as well as general
dust and scratches.  This cover is also
created in the Maserati blue with hints of grey piping and decorated with the
Maserati and Ghibli logos.


Film Kit-Side Protection

This feature of the car is designed to
cover and protect the lower sides of the car. These shaped films are created
using a special urethane that is transparent to ensure that the color of the
car is not altered when it is applied.




Applying the Side Protection Film Kit

The film kit for side protection on the
Maserati Ghibli is designed to be easily applied. To apply the film kit, simply
remove the backing and apply the water –based solution. It is important to
ensure that any adhesive residue that remains after application is thoroughly


Loading Edge- Protective Film

The new Maserati Ghibli luxury car can also
be outfitted with a protective film on the loading edge.  The film is designed to line and protect the
edges of the car. Vehicle owners are able to apply the film to the rear bumper
of the car to secure the area against scratches and damage likely to occur
during the loading and unloading of items and luggage from the trunk. This
loading film is also designed as transparent to prevent the altering of the
color of the car.


Applying the Loading Edge Film 

The film for the loading edges of the
Maserati Ghibli is designed to be easily applied. To apply the film, simply
remove the backing and apply the water –based solution. It is important to
ensure that any adhesive residue that remains after application is thoroughly


Car Care Kit

Maserati also offers users the new Car Care
kit. This accessory option is designed to provide specialized care to the
high-grade material used in the design of the vehicle and its parts. The Kit is
packaged and sold in clear case that is created from a combination of leather
and plastic for maximized durability. 
The contents are tested for balance and quality in the Maserati labs
prior to release. This guarantees the best product for use on the luxury car.


Care Kit Contents

The Car Care Kit comprises a number of products
that include the Car Shampoo, the Delicate Fabric Detergent, the Leather
Cleaner and Reviver, the Plastic Cleaner, The Insect Remover, the Tire Black,
the Window Cleaner and the Wheel Rim Treatment.


Battery Charger & Conditioner

This accessory of the Ghibli 2018 car is
designed for ease of use and user convenience. It is designed to maintain the
battery charge levels. It maintains the level between ninety and one hundred
percent and initiates charge as it becomes necessary. The battery charger and
conditioner comes programmed and work when connected to a trusted power socket.
The device can remain connected for extended periods without any damage.


Emergency Kits

The 2018 Maserati Ghibli is also
accompanied by an emergency kit. The kit is designed as a compact case for easy
storage on the left edge of the trunk. The contents of the kit vary slightly
from country to country but usually contain lightsticks, an ice scraper, a
first-aid kit, a safety triangle, a reflective vest and a wind-up torch.


Jumper Cables

The car is also accompanied by customized
Maserati jumper cables. The cables are designed to easily connect to the
battery of the car for the required power. They are stored in a Maserati case
for easy use.



The Ghibli, like most modern day Maserati
cars, is known for its power as well as luxury. The car is designed with eight
(8) automatic gears and boasts a powerful V6 60 degree engine.


All Season Floor Mats

Maserati also offers floor mats designed
specifically for the shape and form of the Ghibli floors. These all–season mats
are created from the durable and water-repellent black rubber to guarantee
enhanced protection against natural elements such as mud, dust and sand. The
customized design aligns succinctly with the seats and foot pedals for ease of



All-Season Floor Mats Kit

The Maserati All-Season floor mats are sold
in fulsome kits. The kit includes four (4) floor mats; two (2) front mats and
two (2) mats for the rear of the car. All four floor mats are bear an
attachment clip, that allows for stability when fasten to the vehicle lined


Branded Floor Mats

These are the customized Maserati branded
floor mats. They are specifically designed to fit and complement the interior
of the Ghibli; based on style and color. These mats are built from custom leather
and designed for maximized durability. The kit consists of four mats; with the
driver’s mat embossed with the car logo and anchorage points for greater


Branded Floor Color Options

The Maserati Branded are available a few
color options. This allows users to purchase based on the color that will
complement the car’s interior or on personal preference. The available options
include Nero, Sabbia and Marrone.


Paint Stylus Kit

This accessory kit is ideal for Maserati
Ghibli car owners. It provides the option for users to touch-up minor
scratches, scrapes or chips on the body work of the car without altering the
original tone. The kit is specifically designed with the same equipment and
material as the original paint to ensure true-to-form color matches are made.


Using the Touch-up Paint Kit

The kit is sold with two products. The
first of the two is the color stylus which should be applied first over the
scratch using the supplied brush. The second product is the clear coat. It
should be immediately applied to the area after applying the color. The clear
coat is designed to return sheen to the paint color as well as seal the color


Touch-up Paint Kit Color Options

The Paint kit is available in a number of
color and tone options. The solid colors are Nero and Blanco while the
Pearlescent paint options are Blanco Alpi and Rosso Energia. The kit is also
available for the in Mica Paints of Nero Ribelle, Blu Emozione, Blu Passione
and Rosso Folgore as well as Metallic and Metallescent paints.


Luggage Compartment Mat

This is another Maserati Ghibli accessory.
This mat is specifically designed to line the floor of the cargo car of the
vehicle in style. The mat is conveniently manufactured from material that is
washable, waterproof and durable. It also boasts custom Maserati trims and
finishes; maintaining the look of luxury.


Luggage Compartment Foldable Box

This accessory is designed to offer
organization options for Ghibli car owners. The foldable box conveniently sits
inside the luggage compartment of the car and can hold small as well as medium
sized items and easily accessed when needed. The box is designed to securely
close with the use of the attached Velcro straps and can be converted from a
box look to that of a briefcase; depending on the quantity and size of items to
be stored. 


Luggage Net

This feature of the 2018 Ghibli is designed
to provide additional storage to vehicle owners. The net is created in double
layers with only small holes to securely hold even small items.


Reversible Trunk Mat

As an option to the Compartment mats,
Maserati also offers vehicle owners a reversible compartment mat option. This
feature comprises of smooth black carpet on one side with durable rubber
covering the other. Vehicle owners are able to select the side to be used
either based on preference or seasonal/elemental needs. The reversible trunk
mat holds comfortable lift handles and is branded with metal plate and is
embossed with the Maserati logo.



Ski and Snowboard Bag

This vehicle accessory allows users to
maximize packing. The bag measures in at approximately thirty (30) centimeters
and is large enough to comfortably hold 3 pairs of skis and other small
equipment. When open to its maximum size, the bag sit in the trunk of the
vehicle and extends to the rest on the back seat. It is constructed with
durable nylon and has the Maserati logo and name embossed on the edges.


Sport Pedals

The sport pedals are an optional accessory
for the 2018 Maserati Ghibli. The pedals are created from a brushed steel
material and rubber material. The pedals comfortably cover the pedals; offering
grip and stability. Each pedal is also personalized and embossed with the
Maserati logo.


Gearshift Paddles

Maserati also creates customized paddles
for the gearshift of the Ghibli. This feature adds personality to the luxury of
the car. The paddles are designed to enhance the movement and control of the
gearshift and are created from a frosted aluminum composite.


Maserati Umbrellas

The Maserati brand also creates umbrellas for
convenient use when needed. They are designed to be compact for easy storing in
various compartments of the car. It is also designed to be durable as well as
lightweight and boasts the Maserati logo.


Rear Window Cover

This is an optional car accessory. The kit
is designed to highlight the character of the car while offering privacy for
the occupants in the rear of the vehicle. Maserati has also designed the rear
window kit to serve as protection or barrier against the rays of the sun.


Electric Sunshade

The Maserati Rear-window Electric Sunshade
is designed to offer rear seat occupants with a few benefits; one of which is
privacy. This feature of the car is also designed to filter the amount of
sunlight allowed to enter through the rear window of the vehicle. This results
in a cooler interior for the occupants. The sunshade is easily navigated using
the switch panel button on the display of the car.


Snow Chains

This feature of the car is an accessory of
convenience. The tires are designed to provide traction for the Ghibli while
driving on roads that are covered in glace, ice or snow. The car is able to
move without risks of damage to the rims of the tire.



The 2018 Ghibli tires are accompanied by
customized Maserati Wheel rims. This feature of the car is created through
pioneer technology to guarantee durability while maintaining the style and
class associated with Maserati.  Each
tire is covered by specially designed hubcaps as well as TPMS sensors.


Rim Options

The Maserati Ghibli 2018 has a number of tire
rim options. These options include the 19 inch Proteo, the 19 inch Apollo, the
18 inch Alfieri, the 18 inch Vulcano, the 20 inch Urano, the 21 inch forged
Titano and the 20 inch forged GTS Antracite.


Brake Calipers

The Ghibli also boasts new brake Calipers.
This feature of the car is designed to complement the look of the car while
providing friction for the tire while it is in motion. They are adhered to the
wheel and are visible through the rims when attached. They are available in a
number of color options that include red, black, blue and silver polished.


Branded Valve Covers

The Ghibli also offers vehicle owners with
branded valve covers. This feature of the car is designed to offer
customization to the look of the rims. The feature is uniquely designed to be
lightweight as well as rust-proof and durable despite extended exposure to the
elements. The valve covers also boast the trident logo. 


Security Bolt

This feature of the car protects the tires.
It locks and secures the tires to the car after installation; minimizing the
possibility of theft or tire damage. The security bolts are designed to be
removed only using custom Maserati wrenches.


Operating Modes

The Ghibli 2018 offers vehicle owners five
(5) gear operating modes. These modes include ICE Mode, Manual Sport mode,
Manual Normal Mode, Auto Sport mode and Auto Normal mode. The desired or
preferred mode can be selected using the buttons beside the gear lever.


Auto Sports Mode

This feature of the car allows the shifts
in gears to occur in less than one hundred milliseconds as well as at higher
revs. The use of this mode during driving enables power to flow with ease and
facilitating a sporty style of driving.


Manual Normal Mode

This driving mode is designed to enable
Ghibli drivers to utilize the paddles located to the rear of the steering wheel
to change gears. The user also has the option of using the central tunnel lever
to makes gear changes. With either option, the system will auto-shift the gear
upwards before shifting the gear down again.


Auto Normal Mode

The Auto Normal operating mode offers vehicle
owners default options during driving. It is ideal for drivers who wish to
preserve fuel consumption while maintaining a comfortable way to drive. The
mode is also designed to auto-detect the style of driving and adjust the gear
upwards as needed. 


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