THE Bates, Billy, Blarney (mentioned), the Bratty Kid,


·       So far, Lincoln does not speak to the
viewers in most of the episodes this season. This could possibly be because of
time consuming. In addition, there are more episodes focused on Lincoln’s
family and friends.

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·       This is the last season being
directed by Chris Savino due to him being fired by Nickelodeon on October 19th,
2017 for sexual misconducting allegations. So starting in season three, the
series will have to continue without him after being suspended on October 17th,
2017, and then later being fired two days later, unless if they were any season
three episodes directed, produced, written, story-boarded, or co-written by him
before his banishment from his own creation.

·       Unlike Season 1, this season has
three full-length episodes: “11 Louds a Leapin'”, “The Loudest
Mission: Relative Chaos”, and “Tricked!”.

·       In addition, this season also has a
crossover episode (“Legends”), and a delayed episode (“Mall of

·       Despite Lincoln not breaking the
fourth wall that often, morals have happened in several episodes.

·       Flip and Ronnie Anne have slight
redesigns in this season.

·       “The Loudest Mission: Relative
Chaos” is the only episode to change the status quo of the show.

·       The only episodes where Lynn Sr. and
Rita’s faces were hidden were “The Old and the Restless”, “Brawl
in the Family”, and “Making the Grade”.

in the former episode, Rita is the only Loud parent present.

·       Bates, Billy, Blarney (mentioned),
the Bratty Kid, Carol (mentioned in 3 episodes), Chunk, Colonel Crackers, the
Cop (S1E03A), Donnie Dufresne, Frank, Giggles, the Genderbent Louds, Gus, Hugh,
Kirby, Lindsey Sweetwater, Mick Swagger (mentioned in 4 episodes), Newsman
Tucker, Patchy Drizzle, Shirley, Tabby, Tetherby, Trashy, are absent in all
episodes of this episode.

·       This season contains the 100th
episode of the show, which is “Snow Way Out”.

·       Lola is the only sister in this
season who speaks in every episode she appears in.

·       Albert, Andrew, Billy’s Dad, Boy
Jordan, Bratty Kid’s Mom, Hops, Joy, Maggie’s Mom, Mollie, Mr. Grouse, Rusty
Spokes, and Zach have more appearances in this season.

·       Bobby, Harold, Howard, Flip, Mrs.
Johnson, Papa Wheelie, and Ronnie Anne have fewer appearances in this season.

·       Chad, Cristina, Dr. Feinstein, Flat
Tire, Haiku, Kat, News Reporter, Polly Pain (possibly), Ruth, Store Manager, Teen
Carny, and Tippy the Cow have only one appearance in this season.

·       This is the first season where
sisters older than Lily are absent in both segments. This happens in two

·       This episode has more episodes where
Lori appears without any lines of dialogue.

·       This season reveals that Albert is
Rita’s dad.

·       This season reveals Rusty’s family of
a younger brother and a dad.

·       This season reveals Bobby and Ronnie
Anne’s mother her extended family.

·       This is the first season where Rip
Hardcore and Penelope speak.

·       This is the first season where Artie,
Andrew, Bratty Kid’s Mom, Chad, Dr. Feinstein, Flat Tire, Joy, Kat, Papa
Wheelie, Polly Pain (possibly), Tippy the Cow, and Ruth have no lines in every
episode they appear in.

·       This is the first season where
sisters older than Lily are absent in both segments of some episodes.

·       There are only three episodes of
Season 2 where some voice actors of the Loud sisters have not done voice work
in both segments.

·       “Tricked!” reveals the names of the
two players of the Hazeltucky Hockers: Hank and Hawk.

·       This is the first season to feature
some episodes where all ten Loud sisters are absent.

·       This is the first season where some
episodes have only one sister, other than Lori.

“Frog Wild”, Lana is present.

“ARGGH! You For Real?”, Lola is present.

·       Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, and Lisa are
the only sisters who are credited in every Season 2 episode they appear in.

·       This season has more episodes where
only one Loud twin sister is present.

is the first season to have some episode where Lola is the only twin present.

·       This season will feature the first
Nickelodeon crossover show, which is “Legends”.


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