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The evil that men do lives after them, the good is often buried with their bones. Have you ever heard of something that someone did years ago?  Only a few group of people right? Yet you’ve heard of these ‘terrible”things that people have done in the past. For some very odd reason the bad things people do seem to always stay with them no matter what good they do. For example there is currently a youtuber named Logan paul he has fanbase and for awhile he has been neutral helping people out and stuff. Recently though he made a suicide joke and many many people got offended and now he get a ton of hate. The joke was a trigger to many people, because the way it played out was that he was vlogging you know like every regular youtuber and then he went to a forest where a lot of people commit suicide. Anyways he was walking through and he was recording. He continues to walk and then he encounters a body where he saw a dead person. The persons face was faded out and he had hung himself. He sees it and instead of turning off the cameras he shows the body and describes the condition and how is was recent. People got really offended. So that is most likely going to definitely hurt his views and his reputation is now no longer how it was before. Another example who be Brutus from the play “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.”  Brutus was basically Caesar’s right hand in basic terms his best friend. Later Brutus hurts Caesar he kills him and Caesar’s finally last word where “you too, Brutus?” That reputation lived on with Brutus forever he had to flee to another town he was so hated by the people of Rome. He moved and hid until he couldn’t anymore. His guilt had finally caught up with him and he killed himself because he couldn’t deal with the fact that he had killed Caesar. A person who had cared so dearly that’s why he ended himself. The bad things or evil things a person or you yourself do. It does stay with you it doesn’t go anywhere it sticks to you like a piece of gum sticks to your hair. The good things anyone does doesn’t really stay. People are very confusing complex mammals. Let’s say for example there’s three people lets say there’s a pretty girl, a thug and a university student. The thug and university student both want the girl. The girl goes with the thug because the thug has a reputation of a “cool” guy. While the university student has gotten rejected because he himself doesn’t do anything bad he goes and studies and pasts test. He to the girl is considered a “softy spoiled” rich kid. She chose the thug because of the bad things he’s done. When that thug grows up though he’ll realize the error of his ways but his recorded will already have been stained permanently. No matter what good he does he’ll always have his past mistake there right there. Then people will talk about bad things and such and think he’s still mean and rude. That’s why as young children our parents tell us to watch out on what we do because we might regret it later and wouldn’t want that. In a article Clifford Nass a professor of communication at Stanford University. He claims that people have more of a tendency to remember the bad or negative things. The reason why most people remember the negative things is because the mind of the human body process positive and negative way differently. When one tries to remember a negative emotion it requires more thinking and because of that it is processed way more than something positive is. It’s really more of a psychological thing he states. There’s plenty of examples of people who have completely have destroyed their own reputations. Many famous celebrities have done some very bad not good actually kind of evil things. For example in a recent article on a gossip blog. That happens to be a very creditable blog. This is the story of R.Kelly you might know a couple of his very very famous songs like “I believe I can fly” well looks like he couldn’t fly away from this problem. He had been charged with 21 felony counts all having to do with child pornography. He was later found not guilty but the trail did last a very long while 6 whole years. Everyone was finally at peace finally when his trial was over. Some say he would have faced 5 to 15 years in jail and plus become a registered sex offender. Works Cited “Praise Is Fleeting, but Brickbats We Recall.” The New York Times, The New York Times, Ohlheiser, Abby. “Analysis | YouTuber Logan Paul apologizes for showing dead body in Japan’s ‘suicide forest’.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 2 Jan. 2018,”FACT CHECK: Did the Suicide Rate Drop Following YouTube Star Logan Paul’s ‘Suicide Forest’ Video?”, 8 Jan. 2018,, William Alexander. Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Printed by Valentine Simmes, 1607.”R Kelly faces fresh allegation of underage sex and physical abuse.” Google, Google,, Josh. “R. Kelly Found Not Guilty!” E! Online, E! News, 13 June 2008, 


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