The annual tradition of paying respect to their

The movie entitled “3 idiots” was directed by the most influential and successful filmmaker of the 21st Indian cinema, Rajkumar Hirani. It was based on a book “Five Point Someone” written by Chetan Bhagat. This movie depicts the reality of today’s education system, it serves as an eye-opener for us, the students, to be aware of our behavior towards education and achieving our dreams. The story tackled the true essence of friendship, love, and the value of education. It goes around about the friendship of 3 engineering students, Rancho Shamaldas Chanchad, Raju Rastogi, Farhan Qureshi, where they are trying to keep up with the machinery education system of their school. It showed how each of them overcome the challenges and difficulties to fully know their capabilities and desired life. Then, the dramatic determination of finding their friend Rancho whom they owed their current life.At the first scenario of the movie, Farhan was riding a plane when suddenly someone called him and he got off the plane by deceiving the attendants that he fainted. He went to his friend, Raju, and told him that he finally found Rancho through their previous classmate, Chatur. They went to their former school, Imperial College of Engineering, and found out that the main reason of Chatur meeting them is his promise to Rancho to meet after 10 years of the same day and place to know who’s the more successful one. While taking their trip to the place where Rancho is, Farhan started narrating their whole college life and the reason for finding their lost old friend.It was the first day of the school, everyone was busy finding their rooms, then Farhan met Millimeter who helped him with his luggage. They went straight to their  room where he first met his roommate, Raju. After that, Millimeter warned them to wear their best underwear that night. The most unforgettable moments of the freshman was about to happen with the annual tradition of paying respect to their seniors. They were already stamped as part of the tradition when Rancho came in. Seniors tried to make him pay his respects but Rancho didn’t gave up on pushing and he ran to their room. This is where the great Rancho showed one of his undeniably genius inventions, he made his own instrument, a conductor of electricity where the head senior got electrocuted when he tried to pee at Rancho’s room. After that, they were called by the head director/teacher of the ICE, Mr. Viru Sahastrabudhhe, the terror teacher of their school. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t want to be preceded by other people. He started his remarks to the students and lectured them about life. He said that life starts with a murder and the only way to live is to compete. He also added that life is a race and if you don’t run fast, you’ll get trampled. It means that no matter what happen, you have to move on, go on with your life and do better, there’s no time to waste. He showed an astronaut pen whom her last professor gave to him, for he is the best student he ever had. He told him that when he found an extraordinary student, passed the pen to him. Mr. Viru told them that he never met anyone for the 32 years he was teaching. He is discussing about the functions of the pen when Rancho asked him a question that he couldn’t answer. This where Mr. Virus, as what his students called him, started to keep an eye on Rancho. As time passed by, the other teachers were also outrage of Rancho’s happy go lucky life about Engineering. Then he met Chatur, his classmate who knows how to memorize well. Even though he don’t understand what he’s saying, as long as he memorize it, that’s how his whole college life went on. Rancho wanted to prove to his friends that education is not about the grade and who’s on top. It was about the thrill and excitement of learning something new, and Mr. Virus never agreed to it. The war of the student and the teacher started when Rancho accused him of being a murderer because of his schoolmate Joy Lobo. Joy was like Rancho, he loves Engineering in the way of machines and inventions. He tried to talk to Mr. Virus about his invention but he didn’t gave attention to this. Mr. Virus also called Joy’s father and said that he wouldn’t be able to graduate that year because of piled up missing projects and activities of his son. Joy was very disappointed and committed suicide.Racho always motivates his friends to be not afraid and be brave of everything. This is where the famous song “All is well” came from. Out of all the problems they barged in, they didn’t give up and go on with their lives. Rancho stayed on rank 1 and Chatur never defeated him. Mr. Virus was very angry and he tried to convince the parents of Raju and Farhan to motivate their son to stay away from Rancho but he never succeeded. It is where Rancho found out that Farhan doesn’t want to be an engineer and wanted to be a wildlife photographer. On the other hand, he saw how unfortunate Raju’s family is, he intended to do his best to help them to reach their dreams and goals. Pia, Rancho’s lover, came in where they crashed on a wedding and he advised her to realize that all of the men she’s with, only wanted the fame and reputation using her. At the end of the flashback, Rancho and his friends help Mr. Virus’ daughter on giving birth to her son because they were trapped of the high floods caused by heavy rains. Pia gave instruction to them using a webcam but unfortunately, there was a blackout of electricity. With Rancho’s genius talent, he made his own Vacuum cup using a vacuum cleaner. Mona, Pia’s sister, successfully gave birth to her son. Mr. Virus’ was amazed and emotional of Rancho, this is the part where he finally recognized Rancho’s extraordinary intelligence and gave him the pen. The graduation came, Rancho is the student of the year but this is the real conflict started, he suddenly disappeared and never came back.At the present day, Chatur with Farhan and Raju found Rancho’s house. They learned the biggest plot twist of the story, Rancho was never Rancho. He was just a gardener’s son of the real Rancho. And he pretended to be Rancho Chanchad because the real Rancho didn’t want to study so they agreed to use his name and continue studying. That’s why all of the pictures and certificates were fabricated using the real face of Rancho will be found on the wall of their house. The real Rancho said that their friend will be found at Ladakh, Raju and Farhan decided to go to Pia but unfortunately, she’s already getting married. They successfully stopped the marriage and Chatur have gone mad because he’s getting late to meet his business partner, the great scientist Phunsukh Wangdu. After all the dilemma they’ve been through, they finally reunited with Rancho situated at a school managed by him. Chatur was very happy that he got ahead of Rancho because he’s more successful. Then, Rancho revealed that his real name was Phunsukh Wangdu, and he’s the great scientist that Chatur’s helplessly trying to convince to be his business partner. Chatur was so shocked that he plead him to be his business partner and set aside their personal grudges. The 3 idiots finally reunited with Rancho’s lover, Pia. It was an overwhelming movie, very educational and outstanding. With this movie, I learned that education is not based on grades and ranks. It is about the knowledge you had acquired and your goals that matter the most.


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