The and growth, is what affects our lives.

The fundamental importance of economic and finance disciplines along with their relation to the modern society has led me to want to study these social sciences at a university. As consumers, our limited incomes are what we attempt to make the best of.As workers, the job market is where we choose our place. As citizens, the decisions that the government makes, such as taxes, spending on health and education and decisions that affect unemployment and decision on inflation and growth, is what affects our lives. As People, the economic decisions we make for each other, affects the environment we leave for future generations. It is these issues that interest me about economics. As well as studying Maths, where my strong mathematical background was developed and Economics at AS and A2 level, my interest in economics is continually strengthened by reading into works written by economical authors, such as “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith. This investigates into the Nature and Causes of Wealthy Nation and, how Division of Labour, Wages and Profit in the Different Employments of Labour and Stock and Money’s Origin and Use and other economic principles have an impact of the wealth of a nation.My passion for economics and finance has also been strengthened through-out my education. In high school, I attended a business day where my class was separated into groups to invent a product. Presentation were created into brand name, description, target market and money management of the product. This business day helped me to develop my leadership, organizational and problem solving skills. In Sixth Form, I regularly attended the school Debating and Business Society where I helped organise many school charity events and organise local businesses to come do talks to in our clubs or give a description of their money management policies and effective debt management. My passion for economics and finance has also been strengthened through my work experience. In my one and a half years Project manager trainee apprenticeship, I did quantity surveying. I was trained and taught the significance of managing all costs relating to building projects such as, cost management process, cost consulting and cost estimating for building projects. I was also trained in conducting risk management and calculation of risks for all building projects. Furthermore, through-out my retail experience in world known businesses i.e. Marks and Spencer & H.Samuel,  I have been involved with cash management processes such as cash handling and have been trained on the importance and relevance of cash management in a company. This in-depth knowledge and training into the importance of cash management process in these fields, has helped be to establish a strong interest in economics and especially in finance.Beyond my educational challenges, I was included in variety of activities. I was a member of the school football team throughout my senior school years and in Year 10. I went to Barcelona with the Year 11’s to represent our school in a competition. I received a Silver Achievement Award for Math’s in Year 9. I received a ‘Gifted and Talented Award’ for Geography in Year 10. I have played football in the Tandridge League between the years 2013-2015; during which we won the Tandridge League Shield and we were positioned 3rd in the league in 2014. I was awarded ‘Outstanding Player of the Year’ award for the 2013-2014 season. Throughout this brief statement, I trust that I have satisfied you of my interest and commitment to the study of Economics and finance. I know that I am a well-rounded student and I believe I will make an important contribution to the course and your university and aspire to have the opportunity to demonstrate this to you.


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