The and geocentric attitude is used often in

The manager is considered the life of an
organization. They have to ensure that the organization is performed in
excellent, accomplish its purpose and the goal of the organization. The organization has three global of attitudes and they are ethnocentric,
polycentric, and geocentric attitudes. These three are what makes any
organization grow, makes an organization perform exception. Reading about the
attitudes and the difference between all three, I think that polycentric and
geocentric attitude is used often in the organization in business. Ethnocentric
might still be happening around the world but things change and they see that
they are good in specific positions.

            According to my textbook, “polycentric is viewed in every
foreign operation as different, and hard to understand. They are likely to let
employees in that location figure out
what is best the best thing to do (Robbin, 2018). Polycentric attitude is
another way of maintaining low hiring cost. With geocentric attitude, it’s a
world-oriented view that focuses on using the best approaches and people from
around the globe (Robbin, 2018). No matter the people origins, they are
approached with best intentions, to set a goal in the business and not looked
at any different. In the role of a manager,
I chose Geocentric Attitude. In today’s global environment the entire world is
drawing closer together, this makes it easier for my business to be completive.
Regardless where a person comes from, geocentric gives people a chance to show
that they are capable of doing what is told. They can be the best people a
manager can hire, there are so many
immigrants in the United States that can make a business succeed because of the
different culture.

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            My organization would go international by sticking with
Geocentric Attitude. No matter where in the world, there will always business
problems; all businesses have that similarity regardless origins. A manager
that can handle that in geocentric attitude, they will be successful. I think
that geocentric attitude can lead better product quality, it improves better
local management, and brings more profit than any other attitude. As organization
uses all three for a different kind of business, I think that geocentric
attitude is the most typical of international businesses.

            The two segments of the environment for this business would
be a sociocultural segment which helps the
business succeed in the global environment. Employees might face challenges in order
to achieve the company’s goal and objectives. The second segment would be a legal/political segment, which keeps the business
open, it involves its own taxation laws and regulations, which employees should
follow so there won’t be ant violation in the business.  


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