The always stay attentive and bring quality service

The inspiring notion of resolving patient’s problems and relieving an individual from
distress is what reinforces my commitment to this course.
I aim to advance my learning by gaining an in-depth understanding of the
fundamental sciences that will assist me to pursue
a career in dentistry.

Witnessing the dentist and dental nurses in a
professional healthcare environment granted me an insight on how important
leadership is in the practice as the dentist has to
administer his staff effectively. During the time at the
practice, I learnt that the clinic was much organised and that the patients always come first. The
professional values spoke loud and clear where all the staff need to be focused
for long hours every day. I also
realised the importance of effective teamwork and communication via a
multi-disciplinary team. I witnessed
multiple procedures, but one crucial example which stood out was when I encountered a patient who suffers from Parkinson’s disease,
which made it tough for him and the dental team. The
dentist dealt with this situation by staying calm and composed whilst
communicating with his patient in a manner that was comfortable for him. It illustrated the importance of versatility of a dentist; one who can acclimatise and connect with all individuals irrespective
of any disability.

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At my GP placement, I captured a more holistic view of
healthcare delivery. I witnessed the fast-moving duties
of a doctor. An example of this was when a consultant and
their registrars saw lots of patients one after another in periodic intervals. The dental practice was almost identical in the job that they play
when they encounter the patients. Immediately,
I knew it was crucial for an individual who can always stay
attentive and bring quality service for prolonged periods of time daily. This activity entitled me to observe
a wide variety of cases in a limited space of time, making it
an instrumental learning opportunity for someone who wants to pursue
a career in dentistry.

Through studying Maths, Economics and
Psychology, it has assisted me through an array of distinctive aspects
which links with dentistry. For example, Psychology has assisted me to understand
human behaviour which has led me to understand people better; to look at them in a new light. This is
critical in dentistry, as the general interest in the wellbeing of others is a
key component of any good dentist, thus maintaining a natural compassionate approach, particularly with patients who may
have phobias. Furthermore, during the
time I have studied Economics, I have
realised that it is one of the few courses that considers real-life application. Understanding health economics is also vital, as
these acumens are often useful to understand and suggest
changes to improve the future of the healthcare service.
Finally, the study of decision mathematics presents applications that I could benefit from. Maths is also useful
in the everyday life of a dentist, such as measuring doses, managing budgets
and maintaining stocks.

I mostly enjoy boxing in
my spare time, through which I have learnt respect and
discipline whilst also a place to relieve stress and develop good hand-eye
coordination. I have attained
a boxing preliminary award in the world recognised ingle
ABC. Volunteering in the boxing gymnasium has equipped me with vital experience, as I
worked with a range of different ages and backgrounds. This is imperative to the role of a dentist in situations like going
through a workout whilst overseeing a large group. I have learnt how to operate efficiently as part
of a team by prioritising tasks in a fast pace environment. Additionally, I like spending time on puzzles,
predominantly the rubix cube. I have learnt to solve the
rubix cube in less than 60 seconds, which has honed my ability to be logical,
and have a wider-perception on problem-solving.

Throughout a challenging academic life, I
have overcome setbacks. I hence have the drive and ambition to become a highly capable
dentist. The time at the dental workplace has reinforced my decision to practise dentistry and has amplified my
keenness to transform the lives of patients. My
persistent motivation, compassionate values with good teamwork and
communication skills, will be useful when studying dentistry.  


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