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The muscle system’s job is to make the body move. The functions of the muscles are to produce movement, generate heat, maintain posture and stabilize joints. If we didn’t have muscles, we wouldn’t be able to open our mouths, speak, shake hands, walk, or talk. Three types of muscle tissues are cardiac, skeletal, and visceral. The cardiac and the skeletal muscle are both involuntary. The Visceral muscle is voluntary. When they are involuntary, that means that you are not able to control the movements of the body. If it says that they are voluntary, that means that they are able to control the movements of the body. The tendons connect the muscles to the bone. If you hear someone say that they pulled a muscle, they have torn a muscle. Like the other body parts in our body, most of the times, they fix themselves. “Skeletal muscles come in many different sizes and shapes to allow them to do many types of jobs. Some of your biggest and most powerful muscles are in your back, and near your spine. These muscles help keep you upright and standing tall.,” the line from this article comes from the website This line is telling us that there are many different kinds of skeletal muscles. Since there are many different kinds, they have many different functions that do different things.  Some actions or movements performed by muscles are flexion, circumduction, adduction, abduction, and rotation. Those are just a few examples. Joints that are are affected most frequently by contractors are fingers, knees, wrists. One type of disease in the muscular system is a strain. A strain is an overstretching of or an injury to a muscle and/or tendon. Another disease is called the myasthenia gravis. This disease is a chronic condition where nerve impulses are not properly transmitted to the muscle. I conclude this summary by saying that the muscle system is a very interesting topic to study.


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